Saturday, June 26, 2010


Springtime is when the birds come out to sing:
Springtime is when the bells begin to ding.

Springtime is when love blooms into full;
Springtime is when when the grass begins to roll.

Springtime is when the oceans turn blue;
Springtime is when hope breathes anew.

Springtime is when God gives His grace;
Springtime is when we all see His face.

Springtime is when the bright sun shines;
Springtime is when birds nestle in the pines.

Springtime is when new health is given;
Springtime is when old life is no longer shriven.

Springtime is when Green come alive;
Springtime is when the old will survive.

Springtime is when young hearts unite;
Springtime is when Dark turns to Light.

Springtime is when Winter passes by;
Springtime is when Summer is nigh.

Springtime is when eyes open wide;
Springtime is when we walk side-by-side.

Springtime is when the brooks bubble up;
Springtime is when Creation will sup.

Springtime is when the bees buzz around;
Springtime is when the ships come aground.

Springtime is when all creation bows;
Springtime is when tightly sealed are the vows.

Springtime is when the flowers lustrously bloom;
Springtime is when Satan falls into doom.

Springtime is when our hearts jubilantly sing;
Springtime is when God's love does ring.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Delicious Breeze

(Creation credited to Aunt Lucy: Homemade blackberry pie and ice cream)

Chocolate has to be my major weakness. No, really.  But can you guess what comes almost as close?  Homemade ice cream.   Yep, I'm telling you, we women really fall for the major calorie stuff. True bliss.

Summer is the perfect time period for watermelon and ice cream.  Perfection. Contentment.  Just the right time when coolness is much appreciated.  Here in Georgia, where hot, humid days are common, we really appreciate anything cool.  Especially a fresh breeze.  In my estimation, 75 degree weather is perfection.  But does our weather consist of cooling breezes as the white clouds float lazily in the air?  Of course not!  Yes, the clouds may be floating lazily in the sky, but instead of a delicious wind, sweat continually drops from our brow.  Cooling?  Refreshing?

My point is contentment.  Just today I had a nice the heat.  But instead of griping (as I was wont to do) I decided to enjoy the day.  After all, life is a gift, no matter how we look at it.  I could have shook my fist at the sun in anger that it would dare to hurt my little cool world.  No, I really wouldn't do that.  In all reality, I would be blaming God for the weather, hot or cold.  Where would my thankfulness be?  Life is precious.  Every day should be considered a day to do everything to the vitality and delightfulness a life can passionately bring forth, all to the glory of God. True, our lives can sometimes seem so boring and non-committed to anything.  What is our purpose? everything seems to say.  But the small things in life can show us that we have everything to live for!  Though we may wish that courtship and marriage would head our way, we could be using our time to benefit our families.  Though we may be waiting desperately for that certain time period where something exciting would happen, we could be using our time wisely in the things that are happening right now.  Wishing upon a star won't make our dreams come true.

Discontentment in any area of life is a major downfall.  If we are not faithful with the small things in life, will God trust us with anything larger? (Matthew 25:23)

Just a little thought for Tuesday...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Sacrificial Love of a Father

A father means mercy, love, and care;
endlessly he leads with duty for the entire world to share.

A father is compassionate toward our many tears;
he will comfort with his hands throughout all the years.

Steadfastly to his Saviour he clings;
courageously God's love in the world he rings.

But one father above all is wiser than the rest;
his mighty deeds outrank the impressive best.

On one Sword his feet stand firm;
to the enemy he will not yield to any offered term.

His family stands at his side with faith in their eyes;
they've never doubted his leadership through Satan's countless lies.

This father is so brave, so kind, and so true;
even evil's cold cannot turn him blue.

Looking to God, kneeling on his knees;
a ray of sunlight in his life he sees.

His family is his treasure which he guards with his life;
he brandishes his sword to smite the piper's fife.

Climbing mountains, searching valleys;
through high and low his family he rallies.

In his arms his children find comfort without end;
his loyalty to his wife is far from the weakest bend.

Treasuring moments, kneeling in prayer;
his life consists of doing God's will with a heart that is rare.

The dark's shoulders slump at such a man so rare;
God's right hand on earth is his esteemed dare.

Godly masculinity is his character in a world so full of weakness and strife;
with bold heart he can say without delay, "I have served God with my whole life."

Daddy, Daddy, my lips shall e'er repeat;
with his encouragement pressing I can climb any feat.

Daddy, Daddy, I shall always be your little girl;
please clasp me in your arms and take one more whirl.

Your prayers have brought us safely through the night;
now we need not fear for on comes the light.

Precious you have been to us, precious you'll always be;
through your sacrificial life God's love and grace we always see.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Kittens, That's All....

Would you be surprised and shocked to find that your cat was pregnant, ready to give birth, and you didn't even know it? Yes, exactly.  I felt that way Sunday morning, June 6th, between 9:00 and 9:30.  What a surprise I received when I walked outside that morning!  Our cat had just given birth to four kittens.  Wow, what an astonishment.  Wouldn't you agree?

Now aren't they precious?  Soon their eyes will be opening, and they'll be running around everywhere.  Then I'l have some fun with my camera.... 

It was just kittens, that's all...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sunrise

As I lay in bed and watch the sun rise,
I think of God and His ever winning prize.

All doubts erased, all troubles gone by;
I watch the sun with a ne'er ending sigh.

My sigh is not one of longing or pain,
but of God's sweet grace He has at my feet lain.

New life He has given, with arms stretched forth wide;
He embrace is so dear, as He clasps me close to His side.

The sun He has given for light and for love;
to bestow on His lowly vassals, down from above.

The sunrise with its deep, majestic glow;
God's glory and power, for all to show.

New strength it gives to the poor, troubled heart;
every morning its power grants a new start.

O God, wondrous, mighty, all that I can say:
Thank You for the sunrise on each brand new day.

~Rachel Brown

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sonya Michelle Brown (Birthday 2010)

Like the flowers, through the hours, her radiance shines forth;
East or west, South's true best, she beats the mighty north.

But unlike the vibrant flower, her beauty never fades;
You can find her heart so kind among the glistening glades.

Her petals will never wither from among life's repast;
Even in death her love will shine forth what will always last.

True grace, true love, hers is forever to others to lend;
Let us listen closely, her song will never end.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

God’s Surpassing Grace to Sinners

John Bunyan's spiritual struggle up through the younger years of his life is a considerably interesting subject.  His autobiography, Grace Abounding, is just the story of that struggle.

John Bunyan was born to a considerable poor family in England of neither fortune nor noble blood.  Although lacking in means, his parents were able to send him to school.  However, Bunyan himself said that he "lost" all that he had learned, showing that in his boyhood he cared naught for his education. 

Sadly, during those years of boyhood, Bunyan tells of his exceedingly wicked young heart.  A reckless and heedless youth, he had an impulse to swear, curse, lie, and blaspheme the name of God.  He said his heart had been "filled with all unrighteousness."  Bunyan said, “ settled and rooted was I in these things, that they became as a second nature to me...”

During those dreadful young years, Bunyan tells of his "greatly afflicted and troubled" mind, tormented with dreams and thoughts of hellfire and damnation forever.

However, as time flew by, the dreams passed.  Bunyan erased such terrible memories from his mind, and lived "as if they had never been."  He admitted his transgressions in his book by saying that he became the ringleader "in all manner of vice and ungodliness."  Thoughts of religion were "very grievous" to him, and he put aside all manner of Christianity.  He wanted nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

But God wanted everything to do with him.  Twice Bunyan was saved from the dreadful fate of drowning, all by the merciful providential hand.  Nevertheless, through God's many acts of mercy, Bunyan continued in rebelliousness.

Soon after living a soldier's life for a time, Bunyan married a poor woman of godly ancestors.    He became influenced by some good books which had been her father's.  Slowly, the "religion of that time" crept into his life.  He went to church twice a day, yet held onto his wicked life.  Thereafter he was influenced by a poor, religious man to read the Bible.  He also began to follow the Ten Commandments—believing that his good works would earn his way to heaven.  He actually believed that he "pleased God as well as any man in England."  Yet he had "not Christ, nor grace, nor faith, nor hope."

The one day, a year later down the road, Bunyan listened to a conversation about the "new birth."  His curiosity was aroused, and his trust in his good works began to weaken.  He was greatly affected.  He began to believe he truly wasn’t a good man.  Something was missing in his life.  He had no ambition, no fulfillment, nor peace and rest.  Bunyan began to read and study.  He prayed diligently for the Lord to open his eyes to the truth, so that he might find the way.  Very soon his eyes were opened, and he began to read the Scriptures with new eyes.  He daily cried to God for guidance.  Faith, a new word to him, troubled his spirit.  Did he have faith?  His mind became confused with so many details.  Was he one of the elect of God?  Would he be called?  Could he ever attain peace and assurance?  Doubts littered his mind.

As time drew on, his mind became weary with his doubts and fears.  What if he wasn't one of the elect of which he read?  What would happen is he should not be called?  Deep despair entered his soul.  Dark, blasphemous thoughts continually betook his mind.  He felt utterly wretched and hopeless.

Yet, throughout it all, hope still remained.  Slowly Bunyan's mind began to understand more and more that salvation comes through Christ alone (John 14:6), not of good works (Ephesians 2:4-9), but of faith and repentance.  However, though Truth quietly spoke, his mind was still overcome with temptations, doubts, and sorrow.  He felt that peace would never come to quench his fiery spirit because of his heinous sins.  He believed himself to be the most miserable sinner.

Years passed.  Bunyan believed only damnation abode with him.  He was constantly "full of sorrow and guilt."  He believed he could no longer be pardoned, as he said, "I had sold my Saviour."

Bunyan struggled bitterly with his doubts.  His sins were too dreadful for Christ's forgiveness, so he thought. Through it all he searched, but wandered on hopelessly, believing all was lost.

As time, passed, Bunyan became like unto a scale, as he said, "sometimes up, and sometimes down."  Peace and trouble fought desperately.  He would believe the words "My grace is sufficient for thee," but then doubts would arise, and his heart would sink back into despair.  Again and again this would happen: quiet, then torment; torment, then peace.

Finally, however, even through anguish and terror, hope and peace finally broke through.  Bunyan began to realize that God's grace is all sufficient, and can cleanse all ungodliness.  As he daily searched the Scriptures and prayed, he found complete assurance in God's love.  Then was his heart filled with unspeakable joy.  Doubt was no longer an enemy, for Christ had washed away every conflict that had ever raged within his mind!  The wonder and the glory!

The time came when Bunyan was called to the ministry, six years after he had been fully "awakened."  At first he was skeptical, believing he wasn't worthy of so high an honor.  He didn’t think he had the eloquence or ability.  He wondered who would listen to him. But soon he came to the realization that he might have that gift after all.  Humbly he began to preach.

A few years went by.  Bunyan continued preaching to all who would listen.  At times, hundreds came to hear him preach the Word of God.  As he preached, he spoke boldly and truthfully.

His boldness and honesty brought about consequences.  After five years in the ministry, Bunyan was apprehended and sent to prison.  His accusers wanted to stop his preaching.  Therefore accusations of the like were made: Bunyan, "an upholder and maintainer of unlawful assemblies and conventions," would not conform "to the national worship of the church of England."  Because he would not "conform," Bunyan was sentenced to a "perpetual punishment."

Twelve years he spent in prison.  But as those weak and feeble minded might do, he did not lose all hope, or become bitterly discouraged.  He tried to remain content, though he "met with many turnings."  Sweet Scripture passages ministered unto him, and comforted his soul.  Then he would "laugh at destruction."

In 1688, Bunyan contacted a violent fever.  For ten days he struggled on, but his end on earth had come.  Sixty years had he lived upon the earth, and, even in his wicked youth, God had a pan for him.  He died on August 12, 1688.  He will be a man, and a Baptist preacher, reverently remembered forevermore.

His life's story had been one of triumph through trial.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Stranger

Cheerless and homeless, the stranger trudges on;
all alone in this world, he fears the breaking dawn.

All of life's blessings he had lost through the years;
now to no one he could turn to calm his quaking fears.

With his pack on his back and his staff in his hand;
he difficultly walks on through the rolling sand.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to stay;
no warmth can comfort him with no place to lay.

The road seems endless before his dimming eyes;
"Why am I destitute?" his aching heart cries.

Aimlessly he wanders with no goal in mind;
his death warrant has seemed to already been signed.

Raising his bent head, he sees a narrow road;
an idea enters his mind to rid his heavy load.

He'll end all his sorrow and ne'er return a'gain;
death is nearer than before to quench this terrible pain.

But as he trudges on down the curving, narrow way;
a light begins to shine anew upon his face to stay.

There upon a hill up the winding road;
a cross looms before him which seems to ease his load.

Hope springs up gaily in his beating breast;
his tired feet have brought him to where he now can rest.

Tears sting his eyes as he gazes up above;
his spirit feels renewed and fresh - comforted in love.

This Saviour paid his price, now he is free!
The Spirit called him gently, all the more he can see!

His great load is gone, his weighty burden eased;
now safe in God's loving arms, he can ne'er more be seized.

The stranger no longer feels so troubled, confused, and utterly lost;
God has renewed his troubled heart, and paid his eternal cost.

This grace so free is every bit so real;
even with the strongest tool no one can undo the seal.

Now the stranger - with light heart - returns to his road;
he's encumbered no more by a wearisome load.

Prospects are no longer dreary and grim;
everything grows brighter with nothing that's dim.

He has a purpose in his heart as he clasps his sword;
God is on His throne above ruling as the Lord.

~Rachel Brown

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet thoughts to brighten your day...

Coming very soon: Grace Abounding - the persistence and triumph of grace in John Bunyan's life.