About the Writer

Welcome, friends!
Introductions first.  I am the happy wife of Dannie Law, and loving mother of the sweetest little baby girl, due November 11, 2013.  Life is busy as a homemaker, but there is no greater joy than to fill the occupation that God has blessed me with!  I love all things feminine, vintage, and lovely, and my time is filled with baking, crocheting, knitting, housework, reading, frugal shopping- all the joys of homemaking.  As cliché as it sounds, I am truly blessed.
Our goal is to have a large, homeschooled family, such as my husband and I come from (seven on his side, eight on mine).  We are seeking to glorify God in all we do as man's chief end- Semper Reformanda being our goal. 
I hope this simple blog of my happy little life is a blessing and encouragement to you, and that you enjoy the fleeting glimpse into our lives.  Enjoy!  And continue to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ!
Soli Deo Glori
You can reach me at raesusanna@gmail.com