Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Stranger

Cheerless and homeless, the stranger trudges on;
all alone in this world, he fears the breaking dawn.

All of life's blessings he had lost through the years;
now to no one he could turn to calm his quaking fears.

With his pack on his back and his staff in his hand;
he difficultly walks on through the rolling sand.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to stay;
no warmth can comfort him with no place to lay.

The road seems endless before his dimming eyes;
"Why am I destitute?" his aching heart cries.

Aimlessly he wanders with no goal in mind;
his death warrant has seemed to already been signed.

Raising his bent head, he sees a narrow road;
an idea enters his mind to rid his heavy load.

He'll end all his sorrow and ne'er return a'gain;
death is nearer than before to quench this terrible pain.

But as he trudges on down the curving, narrow way;
a light begins to shine anew upon his face to stay.

There upon a hill up the winding road;
a cross looms before him which seems to ease his load.

Hope springs up gaily in his beating breast;
his tired feet have brought him to where he now can rest.

Tears sting his eyes as he gazes up above;
his spirit feels renewed and fresh - comforted in love.

This Saviour paid his price, now he is free!
The Spirit called him gently, all the more he can see!

His great load is gone, his weighty burden eased;
now safe in God's loving arms, he can ne'er more be seized.

The stranger no longer feels so troubled, confused, and utterly lost;
God has renewed his troubled heart, and paid his eternal cost.

This grace so free is every bit so real;
even with the strongest tool no one can undo the seal.

Now the stranger - with light heart - returns to his road;
he's encumbered no more by a wearisome load.

Prospects are no longer dreary and grim;
everything grows brighter with nothing that's dim.

He has a purpose in his heart as he clasps his sword;
God is on His throne above ruling as the Lord.

~Rachel Brown

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