Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do you believe in True Love?

I shudder at today's concept of love.  No more the godly relationship of a young man and young woman who love each other unconditionally.  Instead, boy meets an attractive girl and asks her out.  They seem to enjoy each others company, so the relationship continues.  Finally, they tire of one another and break up.  Next week, both are going out with someone totally different.

I cringe inwardly when I hear of someone with a "boyfriend."  Is it true love, or lustful fancy, or some star-struck puppy love? I wonder.  Yes, I dare utter that word.  Lust.  Many cases are such.  Most of the time, true love is unheard of, even ridiculed.  Or perhaps people think they have true love.

Ask said people the definition of love.  If they stutter around, or give some absurd answer, you know without a doubt they really have no idea.

Has anyone ever seen the movie Princess Bride? (C'mon now, the-most-quotable-movie-ever.)  One of my favorites! (...yeah, I know, I could go into how there are MANY movies that are "one of my favorites." Perhaps another time.)  Anyway, I recall a line Westley said to Buttercup:  "This is true love.  Do you think it happens everyday?"

Some people may laugh or gag at such a line, but how well he spoke the truth!  It doesn't happen everyday!

A clear up.  I don't want to be mistaken here.  I do believe true love is out there, for one day I believe my husband and I will share such a bond.  I have seen true love displayed in lives, most assuredly in my own parents' lives.  It does exist! (Girls and guys, don't give up hope!)  I'm not blaming everyone who is in love, saying that is isn't real.  If you love someone with a humble heart, ready even to lay down your life for the beloved, courageous enough to fight the dragon, lowly enough to be a servant, sacrificial in all aspects of life, not vain or proud, but kind, compassionate, thinking no evil, never failing, ready even to live fifty years together, in sickness or in health, for better or worse, being rich or poor, even though rosy lips and cheeks fade away and gray hairs grow in numeracy, then you have true love.  (1 Corinthians 13)

The dating game is a system that is corrupting our youth.  Going from boyfriend to boyfriend, from girlfriend to girlfriend, only opens the gate wider for divorce after divorce.  If they practice such when they are young, what is to stop them from doing so when they are married?

Heartache after heartache, scar after scar, hut after hurt.  It will never end until they finally realize the error of their ways.  All they want to do is enjoy the lust of the flash for a season.

Let me ask you this question; do you think that anyone in the dating game has their future in mind?  Are they picking a partner for a life-long commitment?  They are not looking for a life-long marriage partner.  They don't even have marriage on their minds!  It's all for the "fun," a "good time."  The boys aren't out looking for a good woman who will love him--only him--bear children, be a homemaker.  They aren't looking to court and woo one woman, a pure and responsible woman, who will love only him.  No, they are trying to get the most out of every girl they date, then casting them away like yesterday's garbage.

Where is the chivalry in our men?  Where is the kindness, the thoughtfulness, the courteousness, the gentlemanly acts?  Oh, that's yesterday's age. Today is the 21st century man!

If this is the attitude of the 21st century, I want no part of it!  Where are the real men?  On today's streets you see boys swaggering lazily with skinny jeans and "droopy drawers." (I hate being vulgar, but what else can I say without strenuous vulgarity?)  No one gives respect to the ladies anymore.  No more "How do you do, Ma'am?"  No more tipping hats, opening doors, "ladies first," courtesy, or even just friendly smiles!

(Speaking of smiles, I love to smile.  Whenever I'm out, I try to smile at everyone I see, trying to shine up the world a bit, you know?  Anyway, here is my philosophy: Don't ever smile at any young men unless you know them, or they smile first.  Most never return the smile or their look suggests...well, never mind.  I dearly love some of the old men though!  Although some do not, there are still those out there who smile and nod in return.  How that joys my heart!  This may sound silly, but I feel more like a woman when a man smiles and nods, opens a door, or speaks a friendly word.  I don't want any of this "chick" junk or catty grins.  I want to feel respected and honored, not like some flirt who is only looking for attention.)

I am so very thankful to know some men who are real men.  My daddy has shown me the way a man is supposed to be, biblically and physically.  None of that weak and unmanly junk.  When Mama married Daddy, she made the best choice for a husband.  They have been the best example to me and I hope that one day I can follow in their footsteps.

Thank God there are some young men out there who are going against the flow of this abased world.  I salute you all and thank all men, young or old, who are being godly examples.
I think you have now gathered I don't believe in dating.  I have never dated, nor will I ever.  One day, a young man will love me enough to go to my father and seek permission to court his daughter.  Until that day, I have a responsibility, a responsibility to remain pure and loyal.  That means I am 100% against dating.  No "cheap thrills" for me.

I really feel sorry for the boys and girls out there who are messing up their lives.  Would to God their lives would be changed!  All we can do is pray to the God who has everything under control, even when we may not think so.

True love may seem scarce in our day and age, but I am one who believes it exists.  Dating may seem like fun for a time, but in the long run, all that comes about is sorrow.  We need to look at the bigger picture.

Where do you stand?


Callie said...

Bravo !!! i truly enjoy reading your work! you have handled this topic beautifully. :)

Rachel said...

Thank you so much, Callie! I am thrilled you enjoy my writing. =) Love hearing from my readers!

Heidi said...

Hello Rachel, I just found your blog through Feelin' Feminine. I really enjoyed reading your post on true love. I feel the exact same way!!! My parents as well are a wonderful example to me. One of my Aunts also. Isn't it sad we cannot even be friendly to most young men we meet for fear of them taking it wrong? But yes, there are definatly still gems out there, who open doors for us and do other such gentlemanly acts. Whenever that happens it really brightens my day, makes me feel like a woman, for sure!

I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog.


Rachel said...

Thank you so much! I'm overjoyed that you feel the same way! Yes, it is indeed a shame. Most completely different from the olden days, days of chivalry. But thank the Lord, there ARE those our there!

Thank you so much for your interest!

thekingpin68 said...

'The dating game is a system that is corrupting our youth. Going from boyfriend to boyfriend, from girlfriend to girlfriend, only opens the gate wider for divorce after divorce. If they practice such when they are young, what is to stop them from doing so when they are married?'

Good point.

'My daddy has shown me the way a man is supposed to be, biblically and physically. '

A wise man.


Happy Sunday.