Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Sacrificial Love of a Father

A father means mercy, love, and care;
endlessly he leads with duty for the entire world to share.

A father is compassionate toward our many tears;
he will comfort with his hands throughout all the years.

Steadfastly to his Saviour he clings;
courageously God's love in the world he rings.

But one father above all is wiser than the rest;
his mighty deeds outrank the impressive best.

On one Sword his feet stand firm;
to the enemy he will not yield to any offered term.

His family stands at his side with faith in their eyes;
they've never doubted his leadership through Satan's countless lies.

This father is so brave, so kind, and so true;
even evil's cold cannot turn him blue.

Looking to God, kneeling on his knees;
a ray of sunlight in his life he sees.

His family is his treasure which he guards with his life;
he brandishes his sword to smite the piper's fife.

Climbing mountains, searching valleys;
through high and low his family he rallies.

In his arms his children find comfort without end;
his loyalty to his wife is far from the weakest bend.

Treasuring moments, kneeling in prayer;
his life consists of doing God's will with a heart that is rare.

The dark's shoulders slump at such a man so rare;
God's right hand on earth is his esteemed dare.

Godly masculinity is his character in a world so full of weakness and strife;
with bold heart he can say without delay, "I have served God with my whole life."

Daddy, Daddy, my lips shall e'er repeat;
with his encouragement pressing I can climb any feat.

Daddy, Daddy, I shall always be your little girl;
please clasp me in your arms and take one more whirl.

Your prayers have brought us safely through the night;
now we need not fear for on comes the light.

Precious you have been to us, precious you'll always be;
through your sacrificial life God's love and grace we always see.

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