Monday, October 31, 2011

A Poetical Song in the Midst of a Multitude of Color

I'm back to blogging after a month's leave of absence, and a two-week trip back home in Indiana.

I must say, I miss all the excitement and adventure we experienced during those wonderful two weeks.  I greatly miss the dear folks with whom we spent many hours laughing and talking—all the thrilling memories we now have to look back to—and I can't help thinking about how changed I am as I come back home.


 Home is where the heart is, or so I've been told.  Home is where loved ones gather each day.  Home is where there is laughter and play and memories.  Home is where Christ dwells in the midst of an institution that He created.  Home is lots of babies squealing around the hearth.  Home is wherever we meet in love and friendship.   

I love the sound of the word home.  It invokes a cheery sort of warmth in the pit of one's stomach, just like watching flames dance in a fireplace on a chilly Autumn evening with a friend.  All is peace, all is quiet, but there is such depth and significance to the silence.  I feel at home right now in the comfort of my own house, yet I can't help but miss the home that we left behind in the hearts of all our friends and family in Indiana.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Bliss is rather hard to describe, at least in my point of view.  How does one begin to express the deep yearning of love and ecstasy and excitement and incredibility and unbelievability and joy that comes from each blessing of God?  I know that I am not worthy to even attempt to describe it, except in these three words: God. Is. Sovereign.

God's sovereignty has everything to do with life.  It declares that He is in control of every aspect of our lives; it proclaims His goodness and wisdom and power and might; it sings loudly of His faithfulness to those who love Him (Rom.8:28); it shouts to the north, south, east, and west that He is the Creator, Master, and Lord of the universe.  It proclaims His majesty and holiness.

I feel so wonderful right now that I feel like singing.  My heart is too full for words.  Or is it?

At times when life seems too complicated
All I have to do is sit back and think
That the full picture is really so simple
And so much faster than the eye can blink

The colors of Autumn are a rare beauty
That only come once a year
Purple, orange, green, red, and yellow
Make God's love even more near

Love is a glorious thing
I can't even imagine its depth and height
One moment I cry in doubt
The next makes my throat swell tight

God's grace sometimes seems strange
But that is the mystery behind glory
Why some are called and others not
Is a deep and majestic story

A woman's emotions are a crazy ride
No finite man can understand
From happy to sad all day long
But even through that I can feel God's hand

True love is not just a feeling
Like Hollywood and storybooks say
True love is a biblical definition
That will last through even the roughest day

It is times like these when there's nothing to say
Yet I seem to think the most
Right now my heart is too full for words
Filled with peace from the Holy Ghost

There was a lot of happiness that happened on our trip, some of which I can't even begin to tell.  The joy of seeing lifelong friends once again, and the fulfillment of spending time with family members, is practically indescribable.  Even the photographer's lens is unworthy to capture such moments.

fishing ;)

friends for always

 Father and Son


 Mischievous =)

 Football player in-the-making

 Photographer's battle


 Best Friends!

 Darling Little Bit!

 Cousin Elaina~So Sweet!

 Grandparents' love

 Self-portraits~love my new camera!

 Theater night with best friends~Courageous was fantastic!

 Autumn definitely is my favorite season of the year!

 My favorite Monkey!

 Old-fashioned preacher

 Guys and Guns

Unfortunately I couldn't post all of my pictures like I did on facebook...way too many!  But from the few that I have posted you can see a wee portion of the immense fun that we had every day.  We didn't want our trip to end, but as we know, all good things must come to an end.  Bummer.

So for now I'll just enjoy my new COOLPIX L100 15x wide optical zoom camera and my beautiful blue chocolate cellphone. Did I mention that I was extremely happy?

Joy cometh in the morning. ~Psalm 30:5