Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hello again! And yeah I know, long time no post once again. Excuse 1,895: life has been busy. Isn't it always? April 20th marked our 6 month wedding anniversary (okay, maybe it's not a "real" anniversary, but it's the halfway mark!). It. Is. Amazing. I am so in love with my husband! As we are finding out, being newly married gets really tough, but God is helping us in all our trials and difficulties. We need His strength everyday. We are blessed beyond measure.

And speaking of blessings, God has given us something that is truly a miracle- one we have much sought after. It is wonderful how, when we long for something but God doesn't seem to be hearing, suddenly He finally bestows His blessing into the equation...right when we least excepted it.

And that is sometimes in the form of a teeny tiny little baby bump. Need I say more? Peek-a-boo, little one.