Saturday, May 15, 2010

Comforted in His Arms

Although pain sears my heart,
I needn't fear Satan's black dart.

His lie cannot harm me if to God I cling;
"Christ is my Rock and Fortress!" I shall gladly sing.

Troubles may compass me, tearing me apart;
but if God holds me close, He'll guard my aching heart.

Comforted in His arms, I heave a blissful sigh;
a prayer uttered from my lips rises to the Most High.

Distress may rise as the Dark lurks near;
but Christ is my Protector, I am his child dear.

Christ paid my price as my Saviour through His eternal blood;
I kneel with a prayerful heart through a tearful flood.

His love comforts me for many hours;
its fragrance is sweeter than that of flowers.

The pain that seared my heart is now long gone;
joy has arisen in triumph like a new dawn.

God's arms are for those, who like me:
often doubt in trial, until they finally see.

~Rachel Brown


Anonymous said...

Shalom, I just wanted to let you know that your post was included in the June Issue of Challenging Femininity, in the Bosom Friends column here:


Rachel said...

Thank you again! I'm honored!

Blessings to you too, MJ!