Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Right to Bear Arms "shall not be infringed."

 I took the liberty of copying and pasting an issue of my dad's covenant e-newsletter he sent out last night, for my readers' benefit.  Just recently this has came to my attention, considering the fact that my mom, sisters, and I helped Daddy shoot video yesterday.  Below you will find out the important information needed to understand the reason for this post.  People, the right to carry firearms is not something to be afraid of, unless, of course, when guns are in the hands of lunatics (the same thing could be said of driving, drinking, serving in positions of leadership, etc.)  The Second Amendment to the Constitution gives us that right - a right already ordained by God (protecting life).  How is a man to protect his family if he can't carry his gun to church?  "The law makes no sense."   The right to bear arms "shall not be infringed" (2nd Amendment to the Constitution), including places of worship.

 January 26, 2011

Dear Brethren,

On a number of occasions over the years, I’ve awakened to the news that a violent, gun-wielding thug has burst into a place of worship and taken the lives of peaceful worshippers.  Attacks upon defenseless crowds are becoming more common.  Criminals and madmen look for easy targets.

I’m rather troubled by the thought of such an occurrence at places of worship in Georgia.

Unfortunately, if something like this were to occur in Georgia, worshippers would be sitting ducks—defenseless in the face of the assault.

Why?  Because the government of the State of Georgia says we are criminals if we carry to defend ourselves and our families in our places of worship.  Why can we protect ourselves when we go down to the local grocer but not in our worship facility?

The law makes no sense.  We are left open to attack by those who would wish to do us harm. We are considered criminals and this is wrong.

The good news is that we can fix this.  Recently, I was made aware of a bill, H.B. 54, which was introduced in the Georgia General Assembly by Rep. Bobby Franklin.

If passed, individuals in Georgia would be able to carry at their preferred place of worship.

I’m supporting this bill and I hope will too. If you are a pastor or minister, please get behind this bill as well.  We need the support of pastors to get this legislation passed.  Our state representatives must know that pastors and well as their parishioners want this legislation.

What you can do is get on the phone right now and call the legislature.  Call your elected officials and demand that they call for a public, roll-call vote on H.B. 54.  Ask them to publicly support the bill and to vote for it when it comes to the floor.

The first week in February (next week), we are trying to get some pastors and other concerned Georgians to go with us to the State legislature and speak with members directly.  We are attempting to show support for this legislation and influence them to stand firm this time around.  We cannot let them get out of acting on this important bill.  Our public support is the only way to ensure the bill comes to a vote.

If you are interested in going with us to the State legislature please respond to this email as quick as possible so we can get the date and time coordinated.  It will be well worth your time and greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much and God Bless.

For Christ and liberty,

Pastor James Brown Jr.
Covenant Baptist Church

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