Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sunrise

As I lay in bed and watch the sun rise,
I think of God and His ever winning prize.

All doubts erased, all troubles gone by;
I watch the sun with a ne'er ending sigh.

My sigh is not one of longing or pain,
but of God's sweet grace He has at my feet lain.

New life He has given, with arms stretched forth wide;
He embrace is so dear, as He clasps me close to His side.

The sun He has given for light and for love;
to bestow on His lowly vassals, down from above.

The sunrise with its deep, majestic glow;
God's glory and power, for all to show.

New strength it gives to the poor, troubled heart;
every morning its power grants a new start.

O God, wondrous, mighty, all that I can say:
Thank You for the sunrise on each brand new day.

~Rachel Brown

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