Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remembering Thanksgiving

 It has finally happened.  

The jolly Christmas season is here again!  I don't know about you, but my heart leaps at those words!  Christmastime.  I actually get goosebumps just thinking about everything that word entails.  The most important aspect is the most joyous of all.  To think that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, would come down to earth to be born of a depraved human woman, live a life here on earth, and eventually die for the elect's sins, is totally incomprehensible.  That much love is surreal.  Yet it really did happen.  It is breathtaking.

Of course, there is so much more I could add.  Christmastime is filled the the loveliest memories of snow, hot chocolate, laughter, opening presents, Christmas trees that symbolize eternal life, decorating the Christmas tree, hats and gloves and scarves and coats and sweatshirts and socks and pants, snuggling up under the covers on a cold morning, leaves that turn colors, of course taking lots of pictures, listening to the cold wind howl, crocheting and knitting, listening to Christmas music once out of the year (one of my all-time favorites), shopping, baking-and-then-eating-what-we-just-baked, family visits, friends coming over, etc. etc. etc.  There is so much it is impossible to list everything.  The holidays are always the best times of the year, especially Christmas.

 But something comes before Christmastime.  I sincerely hope everyone hasn't forgotten about it.  Thanksgiving.  Many people imagine Thanksgiving is the time once out of the year to thank God for our blessings and then be done with it.  Thanksgiving is past so we forget our blessings.  Oops.  That's not the way it's supposed to be.  Every day ought to be a thanksgiving to our Creator God for all the many wonderful blessings He has blessed us with.  I mentioned some of them in the joys of Christmas above.  Even in a socialistic and communistic nation, the righteous are still blessed.  God only knows what will happen in the future, but for now we ought to praise and thank Him every day.  There isn't only one day out of 365 that we do this.  Every day is supposed to be a celebration unto the King of kings.

The holidays are always fun
We enjoy many things
Family, food, and friends surround us
During Christmastime gaiety sings

A small period of time we will miss
If we are caught unaware
For all of these blessings we must be thankful
And show our families how much we care

Do not let Thanksgiving by
All blessings come sweetly from above
A grateful heart God will bless
Let us thank Him with our love

A thankful heart will cherish time
It will capture every moment's grace
Sun, moon, flower, and child
All are confined in blessing's vase

Softly now, listen
Thanksgiving is creeping close
Remember to thank God for each day
Love is given in many a dose

Too soon Thanksgiving will be gone
So much we shall miss!
Thanksgiving should remain a treasure
Like purity's life kiss

 Be glad about the oncoming Christmas season!  I certainly am.  But we mustn't forget that God grants each new day; therefore praise Him for every breath of life.  Don't let Thanksgiving by.  That includes every day, for each day is to be a thanksgiving to our God.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


 We have just begun an etsy shop! (You can view here.) So far we have scarves, dishcloths, and a hat on the market, perfect for cold and blustery winter days (various luminous colors will be added to our collection).  More items will be coming sometime soon (hopefully).  We have decided to put our talents to the test, so to speak.  From now until Thanksgiving everything will be on sale.  Take this chance! Any interest is most appreciated!

Here is the Reformation Day post I promised.  Unfortunately I couldn't upload all of my pictures (too many), but these should suffice.  It was a day to be remembered.

My gorgeous mother in her new shawl

 Liberty's sill new grin

 Pioneer girls

 Little Martin Luther

 Pumpkin bars with chocolate chips = happiness

 Reformed Preacher ready preach!

 My beautiful aunt

 All the kids

 Mommy & Baby

 Going for the baby doll look

 Sweet little Maggie


 Messy face

 Scottish Covenanter ready for battle!

Straight from Jane Austin

A date that will never be forgotten...

And so ended a perfectly wondrous day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Video from Covenant Commission

Can we feel safe anymore with America's system of  "security"?  Check out James Brown Jr's latest video to see how far America has degraded herself.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Thy Will Be Done"

I've decided not to get married.

At least not yet.

My charming little sister Clara once told me, "I'm glad you're not married.  I hope you never get least not yet."  Boy did I feel loved!  As much as a young woman cannot wait to get married, right then and there I didn't want to.  I often long for the day when I will have a home of my own to care for, children to nurture, and a husband to love.  But if I miss the golden years at home, what will I gain in the future marriage years?  If I take these years for granted, who is to say I won't do the same later on?

Let's just say it's not easy accepting someone else's will other than our own.  We're selfish, and usually we will admit it in a not-so-subtle way.  We want what we want, and sometimes we will do anything to get our way.  We are kind of like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum because he wants something.  He will scream and kick his little legs, and do just about anything to get his way.  If his mother is too soft and lenient, she will eventually give in to his whims, instead of administering the whipping he really deserves.  We are that way with God many times.  We'll fight back because we want our way.  Why is it so hard to say "Thy will be done"?

“A great many Christians actually seem to think that all their Father in heaven wants is a chance to make them miserable, and to take away all their blessings, and they imagine, poor souls, that if they hold on to things in their own will, they can hinder Him from doing this. I am shamed to write the words, and yet we must face a fact, which is making wretched hundreds of lives.

"A Christian lady who had this feeling, was once expressing to a friend how impossible she found it to say, 'Thy will be done,' and how afraid she should be to do it.  She was the mother of one little boy, who was the heir to a great fortune, and the idol of her heart.

"After she had stated her difficulties fully, her friend said, 'Suppose your little Charley should come running to you tomorrow and say, 'Mother, I have made up my mind to let you have your own way with me from this time forward.  I am always going to obey you, and I want you to do just whatever you think best with me.  I know you love me, and I am going to trust myself to your love.'  How would you feel toward him?  Would you say to yourself, 'Ah, now I shall take away all his pleasures, and fill his life with every hard and disagreeable thing I can find.  I will compel him to do just the things that are the most difficult for him to do and will give him all sorts of impossible commands.'  'Oh, no, no, no!' exclaimed the indignant mother.  'You know I would not.  You know I would hug him to my heart and cover him with kisses, and would hasten to fill his life with all that was sweetest and best.'   'And are you more tender and more loving than God?' asked her friend.  'Ah, no,' was the reply, 'I see my mistake, and I will not be afraid of saying 'Thy will be done, to my Heavenly Father, any more than I would want my Charley to be afraid of saying it to me.'"  (Excerpted from The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, by Hannah Whitall Smith)

There's not just one aspect of life we are afraid of committing wholly to God.  We are scared over the smallest things.  We want a good and happy life, but we also want the things we want.  What we don't realize is that we will have the best life when we submit to God's will.  Most people have a false conception of God's will.  God is angry at wickedness, but He is loving and just toward those who follow and serve Him in obedience.  He isn't out to get us, or to take away every earthly and spiritual blessing.  Amazingly enough, He only wants what is best for us. (1 Peter 5:7; 2 Corinthians 8:9; 1 Corinthians 2:9)  We miss out on the best years of our lives by worrying about unnecessary things.  If we would only trust God, how much happier and blessed we would be!

We can't just submit one area of our life to God; we have to give him everything, including our hopes, dreams, and expectations for the future.  It's not an unachievable feat.  Just think of how much more peace we could have.  All those worry wrinkles would disappear.

Look at submission this way.  We find it hard to submit to our parents.  As we get older, we want more responsibility and freedom from authority. (That's our human rebelliousness working.)  If we are unwilling to accept God's will, we will most assuredly be unwilling to accept human authority.  If a young woman in the home will not accept her father's authority, she will not accept her husband's later on in life.  She may think that a different life would be better, but if we are not faithful in small things, we certainly will not be faithful in the bigger ones.  If we antagonize our siblings, we'll antagonize our children.   If we disrespect our parents, how could we be ready for a faithful commitment to marriage with a partner we are to respect "till death" do us part?   We would blow it, just like we did in our teenage years.

If we find it hard to accept human authority, how much more harder it is to accept God's will!  But why?  Why do we have such a problem?  All we are doing is making each situation difficult.  It does not have to be that way.  When we realize that man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and that God wants only what is best for us (because everything is to bring Him glory -Revelation 4:11), then we can begin to say without hesitance "Thy will be done."

Yes, I plan on getting married someday (if it is the Lord's will.)  However, for now I'll accept God's plan for commitment in the home and accept whatever He brings my way.  We have a cheerful heart only when we submit to God's will.  I'll be content in the home.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Autumn's Beauty

I love this time of year.  The crisp wind and the colorful leaves = perfect Autumn beauty.  God is an awesome Creator.  Who can deny it with all this loveliness surrounding us?

These past few weeks have been busy ones for the Brown family.  First we had some beloved family members visit from Indiana, up came Reformation Day (sneak peak here until I get my post up), then there was a prayer rally in Barnesville at which my dad spoke (and outshone them all!), and lastly we were able to make some delightful new friends last weekend!  Life really is lovely.  

Thanksgiving is coming up already [Insert major shock here].  Although we are supposed to count our blessings every day, this time of year we seem to focus more upon them than any other time.  I have a lot to be thankful for, even if life seems difficult at times.  We may not be rich in worldly goods, I may not be upon the brink of marriage (I can see my dad wiping his brow here), and life may not always be exciting and thrilling.  Yet, it is the simple things that warm the heart.  I'm just thankful to be alive and well in 2010.  I have a family and home, food, clothes, and a bed to sleep in, friends - old and new, plus my Saviour's love.  For a 16 year-old young woman, I'd say that is more than enough.  In the business of life, stop for a moment to think of how really blessed we are.  If we are alive in Christ, we are rich in every way.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glorious Grace

 All men deserve God's wrath,
The Lord owes us naught;
How can the Most Holy
Love what sin has wrought?

God would be perfectly just
To give us up to death;
Because His is omnipotent
He could take our last breath.

To call the Lord unjust
Is worse than incorrect;
Only He has all power,
In holiness He is decked.

However, there's a gift,
God grants to some life;
Because of His mercy,
Not all need live in strife.

Some men are given grace,
They'll inherit eternal love;
Praise God for His mercy!
It falls like rain from above.

Not all are hopeless and lost,
For Christ's blood was shed;
Calvary's lamb was spotless and pure,
He took our sins so cold and dead.

This grace is gloriously given,
No, none may call God unjust;
In all His power and glory
He might have let us rust.

Before the world's foundation,
Before sin entered the world;
God predestined His chosen,
His grace He quietly unfurled.

The elect are blessed indeed,
For they hold God's love in their hand;
Though God owed man nothing,
He's given His grace to many a land.