Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sonya Michelle Brown (Birthday 2010)

Like the flowers, through the hours, her radiance shines forth;
East or west, South's true best, she beats the mighty north.

But unlike the vibrant flower, her beauty never fades;
You can find her heart so kind among the glistening glades.

Her petals will never wither from among life's repast;
Even in death her love will shine forth what will always last.

True grace, true love, hers is forever to others to lend;
Let us listen closely, her song will never end.


Sonya said...

Thank you Rachel - I love you!

Lacie Verret said...

You penned a very sweet poem about your mother, Rachel. Happy Birthday to her!

Blessings ~

Rachel said...

You're very welcome, Mama!

Thank you, Lacie! My mother is a very wonderful woman!