Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Blessing in Surprise

Valentine's Day brought me the best and biggest surprise of my life, when a very dear and special friend showed up at my front door, with roses in tow no less, to visit for a whole week.  He even fixed me breakfast on the last morning we had together!  Now talk about joyful happiness.  What a wonderful and fantastic surprise it was!  In my opinion, those who have been friends since birth are the most happy of friends!

 Roses are definitely my favorite. 
Ah, their majestic loveliness is so refreshing!

 Chess has been one of our ultimate favorite games 
we have played ever since childhood.

 Our shadows =)

 We love taking walks while talking and laughing together!
Oh, what a splendid week it was! Thank God for blessings.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My First Valentine

I am a girl who loves romance
The chocolate, the flowers, and learning to dance
Eyes alight as in a trance
—I look for my First Valentine

I search for it in places of love
The feeling that makes me fly like a dove
And ask for guidance from God above
—To help me find my First Valentine

In surprise, this quest
Leads me to the very best
The shoulder on whom my head does rest
—The man who is my First Valentine

He was not the one I sought
A deeper love, or so I thought
When with surprise my heart was caught
—In the arms of my First Valentine

Daddy has always been there for me
Even the days I could not see
He has always held my heart's key
—The man who is my First Valentine

Blinded by what I thought
Into a lie I had bought
But even in the mess I wrought
—I found my First Valentine

My heart is safe in Daddy's hands
Until I get my weddings bands
And at my side my husband stands
—To become my Valentine

But Daddy shall always be the first
For his love I do thirst
I feel as if my heart shall burst
—In love for my First Valentine