Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Delicious Breeze

(Creation credited to Aunt Lucy: Homemade blackberry pie and ice cream)

Chocolate has to be my major weakness. No, really.  But can you guess what comes almost as close?  Homemade ice cream.   Yep, I'm telling you, we women really fall for the major calorie stuff. True bliss.

Summer is the perfect time period for watermelon and ice cream.  Perfection. Contentment.  Just the right time when coolness is much appreciated.  Here in Georgia, where hot, humid days are common, we really appreciate anything cool.  Especially a fresh breeze.  In my estimation, 75 degree weather is perfection.  But does our weather consist of cooling breezes as the white clouds float lazily in the air?  Of course not!  Yes, the clouds may be floating lazily in the sky, but instead of a delicious wind, sweat continually drops from our brow.  Cooling?  Refreshing?

My point is contentment.  Just today I had a nice walk...in the heat.  But instead of griping (as I was wont to do) I decided to enjoy the day.  After all, life is a gift, no matter how we look at it.  I could have shook my fist at the sun in anger that it would dare to hurt my little cool world.  No, I really wouldn't do that.  In all reality, I would be blaming God for the weather, hot or cold.  Where would my thankfulness be?  Life is precious.  Every day should be considered a day to do everything to the vitality and delightfulness a life can passionately bring forth, all to the glory of God. True, our lives can sometimes seem so boring and non-committed to anything.  What is our purpose? everything seems to say.  But the small things in life can show us that we have everything to live for!  Though we may wish that courtship and marriage would head our way, we could be using our time to benefit our families.  Though we may be waiting desperately for that certain time period where something exciting would happen, we could be using our time wisely in the things that are happening right now.  Wishing upon a star won't make our dreams come true.

Discontentment in any area of life is a major downfall.  If we are not faithful with the small things in life, will God trust us with anything larger? (Matthew 25:23)

Just a little thought for Tuesday...

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