Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day Like This

 The sun on my face
The breeze on my hair
My quick walking pace—
Precious moments are so rare

The birds and their song
The bees and their buzz
Summer days are so long
With dandelion fuzz

The grass is so green
The sky is so blue
More beautiful I've never seen
A rainbow's gorgeous color hue

My footprints in the dirt
Of Georgia's hard red clay
A day like this brings no hurt
I bask in a golden ray

The sun at its highest peak
The lazy clouds lagging by
A more beautiful treasure I could not seek
A day like this ends with a sigh

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

In a wilderness of greed and sin
Above the roaring of worldly din
On a grassy-knolled hill
Stands a strong man with a will

A well-worn Bible is in his left hand
He preaches its message across the land
His piercing, bold voice rings so true
The old-time religion he does not misconstrue

His right hand another weapon does hold
This power is what makes the weakest bold
He believes in man's unalienable right
Destroy the darkness; defend the light!

Honesty shines in his clear blue eyes
He takes aim to demolish Satan's lies
Christ's banner is his refuge and his post
He would willingly fight the mightiest host!

Intrepidly he stands on faith's sure Rock
Every fiery missile is stopped by God's block
Gun and Bible in both sturdy hands
Nothing can break these iron-clad bands

A man after God's own heart
From the Word of God he will never part
Discouraging evil, defending life
He will always love his children and wife

As God's courageous right-hand man
In fear he has never ran
Knowing his duty he fights the good fight
His life-long goal is the Kingdom of Light

Such a man is hard to find
His caliber is one in a million kind
Despite life's trials and endless fight
You will always find God's man defending the right

Monday, March 7, 2011

All Things Lovely

 Like a jewel in the dust
Like true beauty that does not rust
Is a woman with all things lovely

Her zeal is infinitely strong
She scorns the slightest wrong
'Tis the woman with all things lovely

Her heart is discreet and pure
Upon Christ's standard she is sure
Stands the woman with all things lovely

Her voice so soft whispers love
Her gentleness was given from above
Yes, 'tis the woman with all things lovely

Daily she walks in prayerful thought
Her sinful price Christ has bought
'Tis the woman with all things lovely

Demure and kind since birth
Though somber, she has mirth
'Tis the woman with all things lovely

Her beauty comes from inside out
She does her duty without a pout
'Tis the woman with all things lovely

Many words could speak her praise
But she wishes our hands to raise
To the God who makes all things lovely

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Check It Out!

Recently I was introduced to a new blog site that has just begun—All Things Lovely—a place for young women to interact and share testimonies together—a place of encouragement and praise to our heavenly Father.  So go check it out!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Springtime Once Again...

Spring came early this year for peachy Georgia.  February and now March have turned out to be full of sunshine and rain—perfect springtime!  Yesterday and today were exceptionally gorgeous days, so I took the outstretched opportunity to take invigorating walks, snap a couple of pictures (we have flowers blooming!), watch the lazy clouds float by, sniff the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers, listen to the gay-glad songs of spring birds, and see the grass beginning to turn green once again.  Life seems almost ideal once spring comes around.  Bliss, happiness, and perfectness don't seem like the right words.  Maybe I'd better let my pictures say the right words for me.  How does that saying go...a picture is worth a thousand words...?

A sure sign that spring is here to stay!

A little bouquet of flowers my sweet sisters made for me

  I have been enjoying these past few weeks immensely...yes, even through the sniffles.  When the wind blows in a sing-song type of voice I feel practically perfectly happy!  Praise God for His amazing grace that gives such bliss to poor sinners such as we!  Thankfully we have a Creator who always has our good in mind; therefore we needn't worry or fret or doubt.  We must simply trust and have faith, whether our day is joyful and glorious, or a little on the gloomy, rainy side (in which we need to put forth a harder effort in love, patience, meekness, and kindness.)  Life will really be much smoother and happier if only we would trust God with each and every step, no matter what.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Dry Humor"

 It's ironic how much we daily take for granted.  For example: a slight cold.  When all is well we are gay and carefree, but as soon as that dreaded bug bites, we then realize how much we do take for granted.  Simple things like a runny nose, terrible ache in the bones, and swallowing seem like a big deal (do be glad one can't catch a virus through the internet).   Instead of pitying myself for something not-so-important, I've decided to poke fun at myself (believe me, you won't see this often).

Have you ever wondered why on earth you sound like a locomotive when the sniffles attack?  Or maybe I'm the only one.  Yeah, I've had complaints from my nearest neighbors (read: sisters) about when I blow my nose.  Perhaps I do sometimes do it at the most inopportune times (if I'm going to explode, why does it have to be at the dinner table?!)....and mayhap I am a little loud (who isn't? I say).  What I don't understand is why can't I be dainty and feminine even when I have a cold?  I must admit, even I get irritated at myself.  Excuse me. There I go again.

My most beautiful moments that never get captured on camera decidedly are when I'm sick.  Don't make me laugh; I'm being serious.  I just might make my future husband spend a few days with me before we're married just to make sure he truly loves me.  Yep, my frazzled nerves, red, runny nose, watery eyes, untidy hair, and aching back will either be a test of his true love or send him packing. Well...if it has to be the latter I'll take comfort in the fact that he really wasn't the one fore me...

Please dear folks, be glad that you are spending March 1st happy and free from self-pity...I mean sickness.  Keep grinning while you can until you end up like me.

Cheerio until next time!