Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Song of Praise

My heart feels light, my chains are gone;
the night has left, now comes the dawn.

I need not cry these tears anymore,
for God has opened my heart's little door.

I can shout for joy with arms thrown wide;
the ocean has swept away my sorrow with its tide.

Praises I'll sing to my Maker above,
for He has wrapped me tightly in arms filled with love.

"I'm fearfully and wonderfully made!" I shout to the world;
Since God has come, His banner I've unfurled.

Sorrow no longer terrifies my sleep;
it's all been thrown far into the raging deep.

Singing I dance around the room;
no more do I feel evil's dark doom.

I'm light, I'm loved, I'm forevermore free;
Since Christ has bought my eternal price, forevermore His I'll be.

Praise Him! Praise Him! Shout to Him in song!
He loves me! He loves me! He'll guide me along.

Will I fear when God is my Light?
He'll never let me go, but will always hold me tight.

"I'm beautifully made!" I shout once more;
God has fashioned me together, down to my very core.

My song will ne'er end, for now I feel loved;
This grace has been given me from God up above.

~Rachel Brown

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