Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Virtuous Woman

One woman alone stands out among the rest;
she's like a shining jewel, even among the best.

Her eyes sparkle like the stars across the evening sky;
Falling short of her radiance, no one comes nigh.

Her smile lights up the room, like hearts in glad song;
Brighter than the sun, her love shines strong.

Her children rise up and call her Mother;
her husband loves her more than any other.

Blessed is she as virtuously she works;
Protecting her family, even when danger lurks.

Her behavior is holy, with much wisdom from above;
Each child she wraps in her arms to comfort with her love.

Her husband praises her wondrous beauty;
Caring not what the world thinks, she fulfills her duty.

Her beauty rare shines from within her heart;
Striking hard at evil like a piercing dart.

Kindness is her only nature to each and every one;
every task accomplished earns a hearty "well done!"

She fears the Lord with a heart that is strong;
her character so noble is sung in the sweetest song.

Honorably she deals with the law of love;
she knows hate shall never rule in heaven above.

Keeper of the home is her position;
from Wife to Mother is her transition.

God knew just how much she would be worth;
No one can compare her might, no, not the whole earth!

When she is old and tired, and no longer spry;
she will have earned a reward from God on high.

Though some may wonder who she may be;
this virtuous woman is closest to me.

I see her actions each and every day;
"I love this Mother of mine!" is all that I can say.

~Rachel Brown

"Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all."  ~Proverbs 31:29


Benjamin said...

You wrote this? That's great!!

Rachel said...

Yes I did, Benjamin! Thank you very much!