Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring's Amazing Results

Dear readers,

I know I have been inconsistent for three weeks except Saturday, but I promise y'all things will begin to liven up soon.  I have an article in editing, and, because I've slacked off a bit, I've decided to post a few of my zillion spring pictures. (Most of my pictures go on Facebook.)  Now that spring is here, I've literally been taking hundreds of pictures. (Anyone who knows me quite well knows only how true this is.)   As I cannot post them all, I'll only post a few of the best.  I hope you enjoy browsing for now!

 Spring is the perfect weather for outside fun!

A pretty smile on a beautiful little girl.

Almost got it!


"Spring, spring, spring!"

Life is not Life without baseball.

The precious sight of a sleeping baby.

Beautiful and Elegant

Liberty's new hairstyle


+ even more sweetness!

Life as a ladybug

Laughter is the best policy


 Smiles are the best tonic for any day...

 My wise and beautiful Mother!

"The Lake of Shining Waters"

Cowboy Reb

Resting "under the shade of the trees."

Out on a warm, spring day!


No effort whatsoever

Serenity, poise, and...Grace?

Watch me! Watch me! Watch me! One...


 Three! (Whew!)

Totally oblivious...

There's that beautiful smile!

And another one!

My "model"

Sweet & simple, yet breathtaking!

Oh how they love each other!

Tell me again!

Reading in the cool spring breezes = perfect bliss

 Little Mommy - perfect preparation for when she is grown!

 The little baby's sweet siesta

Now she's awake!

The amazing fragrance of flowers

The most wondrous man on planet earth: my Daddy!

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."  ~John Keats

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