Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Storm

On this Life's stormy sea,
dismayed and troubled I be.
I need a Comforter to calm this storm,
a beautiful new horizon to form.

This storm has unleashed its rage,
a great battle wherewith to wage.
Waves compass me with ferocious power,
daunted I cry in fear as I cower.

Terror runs to my very core,
soon the storm will seize me in its lore.
As I cling to this piece of wood,
I'd swim to shore if only I could!

But alas! The storm is wild!
Its anger has been riled.
Where is my Deliverance? is my cry,
Will I be left alone to die?

As I lift my tear-streaked face,
I think of my earthly race.
Had my Father deserted me,
given me up to the power of the sea?

Would I be lost forevermore,
never again to reach the shore?
But now the sun shines through the rain,
sorrow disappears with the storm's main.

Lo my Comforter has come,
deliverance is mine with which to run.
My doubts have been erased,
joy and praise together been laced.  

God's grace is mightier than the sea,
this grace He has given is for me!

~Rachel Brown


Anonymous said...

What an encouraging poem! You write beautifully.
Blessings in Christ,

Rachel said...

Thank you, Kate! God deserves all the glory in everything I do!

Anonymous said...

Shalom! I just wanted to let you know your article was featured in our Bosom Friends column for the month of May!

Rachel said...

I am humbled and very thrilled! Thank you so much! To God be all the glory!