Monday, May 31, 2010

Liberty and Justice

Liberty and Justice walk hand in hand;
they both seek security all across the land.

As they fly high above the vast world,
in the same water they are both swirled.

On the same Book they both stand firm;
God is their Maker who gave them their term.

Proudly their flags flutter in the waving wind;
to them nothing can rip, tear apart, or rend.

The poor widow's tears they seek to dry;
no more will she slave, slip, and cry.

The homeless they seek to find a home;
no more will they cry through the streets as they roam.

The unjustly accused will get a fair chance;
 Justice rears back and throws his fierce lance.

Liberty sweetly sings her gay, glad song;
the bells peal their happiness with one big "dong!"

God in His glory rules with each on His side;
nothing can sweep them away with the tide.

The lost are returned, the poor given wealth;
the world rises in thankfulness for their new-found health.

Tears are reduced, pain is brought to a stop;
when Liberty and Justice rule, the world is on top.

God almighty sat His strong rulers on high;
He beckons the people with His hand to come nigh.

Liberty and Justice, both one in the same;
wherever they go, love follows their name.

~Rachel Brown