Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our God the King

God is faithful, God is just;
God is in whom we can trust.

In His arms He shields us daily;
we can sing His praises gaily.

Mercy extends from His kind hand;
but heads must lift above the sand.

Grace is a gift from God on high;
therefore let us all come nigh.

Lovingly He'll guard our steps;
His love is deeper than the depths.

Justice is His own right hand;
He judges surely across the land.

Enemies fall beneath His sword;
His is above all as the Lord.

His eyes so full of gentle calm;
they can heal any qualm.

God is goodness, nothing wrong;
His joy is like the sweetest song.

God is all we'll ever need;
only to Him we all must heed.

This God of glory is our King;
our voices lift to Him and sing!

~Rachel Brown

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