Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day Like This

 The sun on my face
The breeze on my hair
My quick walking pace—
Precious moments are so rare

The birds and their song
The bees and their buzz
Summer days are so long
With dandelion fuzz

The grass is so green
The sky is so blue
More beautiful I've never seen
A rainbow's gorgeous color hue

My footprints in the dirt
Of Georgia's hard red clay
A day like this brings no hurt
I bask in a golden ray

The sun at its highest peak
The lazy clouds lagging by
A more beautiful treasure I could not seek
A day like this ends with a sigh


Anonymous said...

This poem is simply beautiful!

I can tell by your description of the beautiful day that God's creation, for you, is most pleasurable and enjoyable.



Rachel said...

Thank you!

Yes, it is indeed! I love my daily walks—they're so refreshing and uplifting...not to mention they keep the pounds away. :-) Especially during this time of year when the weather is just so perfect, God's handiwork is so inspiring that I feel like I must write about it!