Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Glory of a King

 The wind whispers praise
The ocean's waves raise
The birds sing their song
—Spring comes along

The reason for each flower
For each tree and bower
'Tis the glory of a King
In majesty does ring

Each time you see a sunset
With every spider's net
A kingly face you see
—The man who made you and me

His glory outshines the sun
His hand the world does run
Despite much evil in this world
One day His banner shall be unfurled

Every newborn baby
Is not a miracle just maybe
Every day is fresh and bright
Because of the King's glorious light

The glory of a King
Makes every nation ring
When supreme is His word
Every whisper of His is heard

The fragrance that you smell
Can make the whole world well
Just bow your knee to the King
His voice makes us want to sing

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