Thursday, March 3, 2011

Springtime Once Again...

Spring came early this year for peachy Georgia.  February and now March have turned out to be full of sunshine and rain—perfect springtime!  Yesterday and today were exceptionally gorgeous days, so I took the outstretched opportunity to take invigorating walks, snap a couple of pictures (we have flowers blooming!), watch the lazy clouds float by, sniff the sweet fragrance of fresh flowers, listen to the gay-glad songs of spring birds, and see the grass beginning to turn green once again.  Life seems almost ideal once spring comes around.  Bliss, happiness, and perfectness don't seem like the right words.  Maybe I'd better let my pictures say the right words for me.  How does that saying go...a picture is worth a thousand words...?

A sure sign that spring is here to stay!

A little bouquet of flowers my sweet sisters made for me

  I have been enjoying these past few weeks immensely...yes, even through the sniffles.  When the wind blows in a sing-song type of voice I feel practically perfectly happy!  Praise God for His amazing grace that gives such bliss to poor sinners such as we!  Thankfully we have a Creator who always has our good in mind; therefore we needn't worry or fret or doubt.  We must simply trust and have faith, whether our day is joyful and glorious, or a little on the gloomy, rainy side (in which we need to put forth a harder effort in love, patience, meekness, and kindness.)  Life will really be much smoother and happier if only we would trust God with each and every step, no matter what.

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