Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Dry Humor"

 It's ironic how much we daily take for granted.  For example: a slight cold.  When all is well we are gay and carefree, but as soon as that dreaded bug bites, we then realize how much we do take for granted.  Simple things like a runny nose, terrible ache in the bones, and swallowing seem like a big deal (do be glad one can't catch a virus through the internet).   Instead of pitying myself for something not-so-important, I've decided to poke fun at myself (believe me, you won't see this often).

Have you ever wondered why on earth you sound like a locomotive when the sniffles attack?  Or maybe I'm the only one.  Yeah, I've had complaints from my nearest neighbors (read: sisters) about when I blow my nose.  Perhaps I do sometimes do it at the most inopportune times (if I'm going to explode, why does it have to be at the dinner table?!)....and mayhap I am a little loud (who isn't? I say).  What I don't understand is why can't I be dainty and feminine even when I have a cold?  I must admit, even I get irritated at myself.  Excuse me. There I go again.

My most beautiful moments that never get captured on camera decidedly are when I'm sick.  Don't make me laugh; I'm being serious.  I just might make my future husband spend a few days with me before we're married just to make sure he truly loves me.  Yep, my frazzled nerves, red, runny nose, watery eyes, untidy hair, and aching back will either be a test of his true love or send him packing. Well...if it has to be the latter I'll take comfort in the fact that he really wasn't the one fore me...

Please dear folks, be glad that you are spending March 1st happy and free from self-pity...I mean sickness.  Keep grinning while you can until you end up like me.

Cheerio until next time!

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