Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

In a wilderness of greed and sin
Above the roaring of worldly din
On a grassy-knolled hill
Stands a strong man with a will

A well-worn Bible is in his left hand
He preaches its message across the land
His piercing, bold voice rings so true
The old-time religion he does not misconstrue

His right hand another weapon does hold
This power is what makes the weakest bold
He believes in man's unalienable right
Destroy the darkness; defend the light!

Honesty shines in his clear blue eyes
He takes aim to demolish Satan's lies
Christ's banner is his refuge and his post
He would willingly fight the mightiest host!

Intrepidly he stands on faith's sure Rock
Every fiery missile is stopped by God's block
Gun and Bible in both sturdy hands
Nothing can break these iron-clad bands

A man after God's own heart
From the Word of God he will never part
Discouraging evil, defending life
He will always love his children and wife

As God's courageous right-hand man
In fear he has never ran
Knowing his duty he fights the good fight
His life-long goal is the Kingdom of Light

Such a man is hard to find
His caliber is one in a million kind
Despite life's trials and endless fight
You will always find God's man defending the right

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