Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glorious Grace

 All men deserve God's wrath,
The Lord owes us naught;
How can the Most Holy
Love what sin has wrought?

God would be perfectly just
To give us up to death;
Because His is omnipotent
He could take our last breath.

To call the Lord unjust
Is worse than incorrect;
Only He has all power,
In holiness He is decked.

However, there's a gift,
God grants to some life;
Because of His mercy,
Not all need live in strife.

Some men are given grace,
They'll inherit eternal love;
Praise God for His mercy!
It falls like rain from above.

Not all are hopeless and lost,
For Christ's blood was shed;
Calvary's lamb was spotless and pure,
He took our sins so cold and dead.

This grace is gloriously given,
No, none may call God unjust;
In all His power and glory
He might have let us rust.

Before the world's foundation,
Before sin entered the world;
God predestined His chosen,
His grace He quietly unfurled.

The elect are blessed indeed,
For they hold God's love in their hand;
Though God owed man nothing,
He's given His grace to many a land.


Benjamin said...

That's great Rachel! Keep it up!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Benjamin!