Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Freshness and Fullness of Life

16.  Another year.  A fresh sunrise.  A new horizon.  Vitality.  Freshness.  Life. What more could a young woman ask for?  Life is sweet and breathtaking at times, so much that I'm often surprised and thrilled.  Things may be falling apart in my eyes, but God always restores any disaster!  Right now is the time in which we live.   We cannot be living in the past, or the future, though we may want to.  Now is the time in which we live.  Isn't that wonderful?  Isn't life amazing?  I think so!  16 and full of exuberant joy!

Covenant Maiden has been lackadaisical for some time now.  You may have noticed poetry is almost the only thing I've kept up.  Thankfully, I do have a good reason for my aloofness.

July was a pretty full month for us, which is kind of unusual in its way.  Three weeks in a row was tidy-the-house and wash-behind-the-ears type of a week.  Can't begin to think of what a week that could possibly mean?  Visitors.  

Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and even personalities.  (Just like people!) Anyway, one cannot tell just what purpose a mushroom has.  Is it poisonous, or good to eat?  Can you you really tell by its outside?  What about a book and its cover? What about a smile or frown?  Does it say exactly what the heart does?  It is the inside that counts.  People cannot know one another until they feel with the heart.  Deep love is not experienced until two hearts unite with one passion.  True friends are not deeply appreciated unless hearts are truly kindred spirits.  Thankfully and amazingly, God has given us such friends.

As I said, July was full.  Full as in up-to-our-throats full.  Well, maybe not that full.  You know what I mean.

July was an unforgettable month.  Why?  For one, 16 was a major transformation. (No, I didn't really feel any different.  It's the thought that counts.)  Second, friends and family are wonderful and blessed gifts from heaven above sent to us in glorious love.  I have pictures to prove it.

First arrived Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Ezra! What jolly times we had, especially watching Pride and Prejudice, eating ice cream, and visiting Noah's Ark! Fabulous memories!

This little guy laughed at us!

 Our time with our aunt and cousin flew by amazingly fast, but what a store of happiness we held in our hearts!  Life truly is good.

Next week brought another aunt, uncle, and cousins! Another trip to Noah's Ark, lots of bubble joy, laughter, of course more pictures, etc. Once again, memorable times!

Such pretty smiles!

Bubble Joy!

The Three Stooges ;)

My little MJ =D


My hero of a daddy =)


Week Three: Farnum Family Fun!
A fellow photographer

Baseball time!

Perhaps it was a wee bit hot

Another fellow photographer!

A bashin' jammin' time!

Such a sweetie!

Showing off ;)

Such a lovely smile!

But enjoyable nonetheless!

Coffee and conversation at the breakfast table!

"Bang Bang!"

Thus ended a perfectly wonderful time...

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