Saturday, July 31, 2010


Winter's sparkle around me leaps
Spring's ebullience in triumph peeps

Summer's mystic sunshine in glory does glow
Autumn's radiance the whole earth does show

One showers the world abundantly with snow
Another brings a present wrapped in a big pink bow

One more encloses the earth with stoic heat
The last one sounds its call as the leaves follow the beat

Each one brings its loveliness, each one its beauty
Each glow in sunshine and fulfill their duty

They kiss the world and dance with the stars
They climb high and soar the universe with Mars

Fragrance is their delight, loveliness their bloom
They skip and dance and sing all around the room

Winter's sparkle, Spring's ebullience shines
Summer's mystic sunshine and Autumn's radiance dines

Love is in the air; come let us dance and sing!
Loveliness is drink for the soul; hear the bells ring!

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