Monday, August 23, 2010

Grace Abigail Brown (Birthday 2010)

Little sister, grab my hand
Let us frolic o'er the sand

Friends we have always been
Forever and for always we will be kin

Life can't tear us apart if faithful we be
Love will only strengthen us if we drink the tea

Years may pass and trials come
But our love together shan't become numb

Sister + Friends, and we will never part
We'll sing and laugh and dance and through Life dart

God help us, God guide us and lead us across the way
If we follow Christ's advice, sorrow we shall never pay

Little sister, take my hand
Follow God all o'er the land

Without Trust we'll never succeed
Only to God's word we all must heed

Little sister, let us dance
For you never know - this might be our last chance


Benjamin said...

Great poem, but Gracie doesn't like tea. :P

A.W. said...

Beautiful post!!! Love you two gals! <3

Rachel said...

Thanks, Benjamin, but I guess I forgot. =P

Thanks, Amy! We love you too!