Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Each Day is an Awesome Display of God's Might and Power

 With Life comes each brand new day
Those powerful shows of God's might display

 The rocks and the hills and luxurious trees
All creation bows upon their bended knees
Vibrant flowers sniff heartily at the air
Not one single creature abides in its lair
Take a breath, feel the breeze
To all this beauty God holds the keys
The winds sing their praise with a mighty rushing sound
The Sea whispers colors as the waves upon the shore pound
Petals open shyly to peek at the world
Colors swirl brilliantly around a necklace pearled
Life is breathtaking - here's a whiff
Life is colorful - take a sniff
Love is beautiful, why not embrace it?
Love is vivacious, who can withstand it?
Why should troubles encompass our way
When all this glory does at our feet lay?
Shrug those shoulders, lighten the load
Look straight ahead, there's a bend in the road

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