Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do You Remember?

Do you remember every memory, every laugh, every tear?
Through the din of this world, I can hear them calling on my ear.

As the world rushed wildly by;
our memories clouded us with a sigh.

We were ne'er apart, but stood closed in;
nothing could tear us apart, not even fleshly sin.

God whispered softly upon our lives;
His far-reaching arm shielded Satan's knives.

Do you remember Love's first light?
It took us unto the highest height.

Always and forever we vowed ne'er to part;
we followed God's guidance through His given Chart.

Music sprang anew, love never ceased;
our hearts were bound together, ne'er to be leased.

Now the memories are all we hold;
but love still reigns amidst the cold.

Rain fell, storms thundered from the deep;
but with smile upon our faces, in Christ's arms we did leap.

Alas! my heart grows old as the years pass;
will you hold me closer like you did when I was a lass?

Your hands, though gnarled, are still so strong;
they help me remember memories that omit no wrong.

Memories, Memories, do not leave me!
If I close my eyes, their beauty I can see.

Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter, all are so dear;
if I could change the world, their glory I'd not shear.

My dear, my darling, do you remember?

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