Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Sound of the Beat

My sweet you've come to me;
your loving face I now do see.

We'll walk hand-in-hand down the lane;
smiling softly through the light rain.

Our feet shall leave prints as we walk,
to our dear spot where we sit on the rock.

Our time spent together will be so sweet;
for soon you must leave to the sound of the beat.

To war you will go far away from your love;
but I must surrender you to God up above.

He'll guide your steps wherever you tread;
Faith shall comfort me so that I might not dread.

As I think of the days that you will be gone;
I sigh with a sorrow that will last to the dawn.

Tomorrow you leave to the sound of the beat;
too soon you will apprehend the battle's dark heat.

You will be brave - I know it, dear love;
please pray every night to our Saviour above.

I'll miss you, my dear, as only I can;
intrepidly you'll fight down to the last man.

If you should come back to the sound of the beat,
we'll walk once again down to Lover's Seat.

Tomorrow I'll be strong just for your sake,
 even if death comes close and you it did take.

I'll be strong for you, just one time;
I'll kiss you goodbye as the bells the hour chime.

But once I reach home the tears I'll not stop;
I've been there for you, now where is my prop?

One time I'll give in to think of my loss;
but then I'll keep going, my tears I shall toss.

Tomorrow you leave to the sound of the beat;
God will protect you amidst Evil's heat.

As we walk down the path while night closes in;
I think of the sorrow experienced in battle's din.

If you should die upon a bloody field;
I know you'll have fought bravely without thought of yield.

Hand-in-hand we walk back down the lane;
a tear slips down my cheek for fear you'll be slain.

Understanding my grief, you clasp me tight;
you too fear this will be our last night.

But no, we mustn't forget God's promise of eternal life;
He'll comfort our sorrow with love that is rife.

Tomorrow you leave far from my reaching arms;
but I shall not fear Life's dreaded alarms.

For hope still remains in my aching, tired heart;
our hearts will unite even when we are apart.

Tomorrow I shall hate to hear that hard beat;
for it will take you away into the morning heat.

But one day you'll come back, and to you I shall run;
Now I love that dear beat because it is done!

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