Saturday, July 17, 2010


Trust in the Lord for tomorrow will come;
trust, trust - a word with meaning to some.

Worries must vanish, doubts must fade;
God knows our future, for all things He has made.

Do not worry about tomorrow, though sorrow may come our way;
God holds our hearts in His hand - He'll guide us day by day.

With each passing moment and every bend in the road;
trust Him, trust Him, He'll ease your aching load.

Lessons must be learned, trials must be overcome;
we must rally to Christ's banner with the beating drum.

Trust whispers softly through the breaking dawn;
we'll not heed Satan's lies nor be his enslaved pawn.

Trust in the Lord, for tomorrow will soon come;
cannot you hear the rallying cry uttered by the drum?

In Christ we trust as long as we breathe;
thus we make Light dominant and the darkness seethe.

Glory hallelujah! Christ is Lord!
He has vanquished Evil's host with His mighty sword.

Trust has won, we are saved;
the path before us Christ has paved.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! And the photograph compliments the poem perfectly. = )

Rachel said...

Thank you, Kate! :)