Monday, February 15, 2010

Random Rambling

I think I've decided to use Mondays as my rambling day. (but then again, a while back I had decided to write on Tuesday, post pictures on Thursday, and write a book review on Saturday.  Yeah, I've stuck well with that.    ...Don't you just love irony?...)

I'm constantly changing aspects about my blog.  I've never been sure of what to stick with.  I've wanted certain themes to abide by, but nothing has stirred a particular interest.  Finally now, I believe I have it!  Of course you've noticed my background.  See all those books?  How could you not miss them?! *sigh* Ah books!  How I love thee!  How I long to read thee all day!  I am am restless until I rest in thy embrace!   Oops.  A little of track there.  But hey, what is random rambling for, anyway?

Back to what I was saying.  I found the best background, the-one-I've-been-searching-for-all-this-time-only-I-didn't-know-it. (it was right in front of my eyes and I didn't even see it.)  The books were the main cause of my interest being sparked, but another aspect that snagged my attention was the title: lost in Jane Austin.  I've finally found the one! was my exuberant thought.  So I spruced up a header and now! I am content.

Besides, my background finally matches my reading and writing passion.

(By the way, if my topic suddenly differentiates suddenly from paragraph to paragraph, it is because that is the purpose of this post.  See, Random Rambling.)

After all the snow we received on Friday, we now have nothing. nada. zilch. (sometimes I wonder what the source of my wording is...I need a dictionary for a brain.)  Our snow has completely vanished.  Now blue skies have appeared; small wisps of white clouds come and go; the dirt soil is just as red; the grass and trees, dead from the winter, will be turning green again; birds are about; the sun is shining brightly.  All in all, a very lovely day. (We'll see how tomorrow is...)

As much as I loved receiving some snow, I most assuredly am ready for warm weather.  The flowers will be blossoming, the trees beginning to bloom, wild berries will ripen, birds will sing, the soft, spring rain will fall, the wild animals will once again resume life after hibernation, the bees will buzz, and the farmer's crops be planted.  Spring and Summer seem displays of new life.

As a writer, many things pierce the heart.  Some things go deep.  Have you ever seen a movie that seemed to stir your very soul?  You live inside the story.  Tragedy occurs: you weep.  Joy is experienced: you laugh.  Into the very depth of your heart, you are pierced with sorrow, longing, peace, happiness, anger, contentment or discontentment.  Then, when the story finally ends, emptiness leaves you feeling lonely and puzzled.  Lost.

Stop!  No more!  I'll never watch another movie, I'll never read another book!  The story seems so real.  You are caught right in the middle of it.  When it finally ends, those feelings seem to stay with you and you wander around aimlessly, wondering why you feel that way...

P.S. This post was meant for earlier in the day, (explaining my description of the day) and will be continued next Monday, if you think it leaves you hanging.

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