Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Bit of Silliness, Really.

I sniffed the air appreciatively.  Mmmm!  What a mouthwatering smell!  Oh how I wished for some!  I looked around, not believing my eyes, and saw everyone else's calm demeanor.  Why were not their mouths watering?  Why were not their noses sniffing eagerly as well?  Was I the only one?  Ah, there it was again, that delicious, aromatic smell!   

Ok, ok, maybe I do need to decelerate a bit.  Still, that's that way I saw it!

However, the pleasant aroma, which I so avidly described, did not does not live up to its taste. (or should I say down?)

I know that the substance has sustained many a weary traveler, given warmth to the coldest of bodies, given many an "addiction", woke up even the sleepiest at first taste, yet even those such qualities have not alerted my taste buds to the liking.

Curious as to what that mysterious substance is?  Maybe you have already guessed it (I've given plenty of clues); therefore I need not tell you.  But for those who are not so quick minded, I will relent: Coffee, the ever-so-mysterious-substance.  Surprised?  Maybe even shaking your head at my foolishness?  Or maybe you are trying to stifle laughter?  Or better yet, telling yourself that I am the most absurd and silly girl on planet earth and you are never coming back to my blog again.....I can only imagine.  Personally, I am doing the first two.  I know I will be coming back.

I have often remarked how I wished coffee tasted as good as it smelled.  Walking down the coffee isle in the store alerts all my senses to the wonderful smell of coffee!  If coffee tasted as good as it smells, I would completely understand why many love it.  On the contrary, I completely and most assuredly do not understand.  What's with the brownish/blackish liquid that has absolutely no taste except of that worse than boiled dirt? (How do you like my analogy?)   Really now, coffee does not have a pleasant taste whatsoever.   I really wish I could understand.

I have had both my mom and dad say that they felt the same way when they were young.  Now they drink coffee every morning most times.  But, Mama only drinks her coffee with creamer in it.  The "sissy stuff" as Daddy says.  He, of course, drinks it plain black. (Gross!)

Am I just being childish?  I even have friends who drink coffee!  Is it just me? I wonder many times. 

What do you suppose, that a couple of years from now I'll look back upon this, really as a childish feeling?  I may end up loving coffee sometime.

Rather, I prefer hot chocolate.


Jordan said...

Haha this is so cute! I just started enjoying coffee this past year, and only with LOTS of milk and sugar =) I understand and relate to your feelings perfectly.

Rachel said...

Thanks Jordan! :D Yeah, I'm sure if I tried it with enough stuff to counteract the bitter taste, I might enjoy it as well. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. ;)