Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Wednesday pick-up

Monday night we put up our tree and decorated it!  Exciting!  Christmas is just around the corner!  That reminds me - I really do need to get busy and finish the Christmas gifts I'm making.  I'd like to have everything done a week before Christmas so I can feel like I have some "spare time" before the big day.  Yeah right.  Just like every year, I'll probably have at least one thing I'm still trying to get finished in that week.  But maybe I'll make a new world record!  ...I highly doubt it.

Pretty, "ain't" it? =D

Now that we have started back to school this week, I find that I don't have as much time as I had during our break.  There.  It took a lot of thinking to arrive at that point.  Seriously, if I want to be organized and get everything done, I need to stay on my schedule.  Then I know I'm not wasting any precious time that could be used for something.

Also, I have a couple of links I want y'all to check out.  My dad has been writing some recent articles on Baptist Vision and I tell you, wow! He has outdone himself.  Please go read this article and this one, and then this one too!  Awesome job, Daddy!

Then, I just can't get enough of Jasmine Bauchums' blog.  I read it everyday!  Her latest is this one.  Check it out! She is one amazing young woman with a true heart for God!

Now that the Christmas season is approaching I have changed my blog background again.  I like this one a lot!  Old-fashioned, yet a little bit of Christmas in it.  Couldn't be better! 

That is all for now, I guess.  Oh yeah! I still have to write about Advent.  Coming soon, I promise.

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