Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Rambling

I am in the process of helping teach Clara, my five-year-old sister, how to read.  Being home schooled, we get all kinds of opportunities that we would never have had if we went to government schools.  Thank the Lord, we have never had to deal with issues of government schools.  (PRAISE THE LORD!)  I could go into all kinds of terrible issues I'm glad we don't have to deal with, but that is something for another day.

Anyway, Clara is learning how to read.  I have already helped teach Maggie how to read a year or so ago.   Of course, it takes a whole lot of patience, (you try it sometime) but in the end, it the best reward to know you helped that child learn to read.  You opened a whole new world for them - the world of books. (who doesn't love books? If you don't, there must be some major problems. Just kidding! But seriously, I love adore books. Reading is one of my passions. Give me a good book, I'll be more content than a.....well.....there goes my analogy.  Clara has been coming along a lot slower than I thought she would, but at least she is learning something.  She usually picks up on things very quickly, and boy has a whole host of questions for each little thing!  That reminds me...everybody is growing up too fast.  Why, it was only yesterday that Clara was Liberty's age.  Now Liberty is already going to turn 4 months this month.  Where does time go?  Out the window?  Why doesn't it at least wave?  All I want is a wave...

Sometimes time seems to go by s...o s...l...o...w...l...y, while other times it is gone faster than you can blink.  I've stopped trying to figure it out.  God knows what He is doing.  However, we still need to make the most of the time He does allow us.  Every moment counts.  Don't waste it.  I myself have wasted a lot of my time - I don't want to any more.  Live life to the most you possibly can!  It will be gone before you know it. (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

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