Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving is comes Christmas!

Well, Thanksgiving is over.  I for one had a very blessed Thanksgiving day.  I hope everyone else did too.

 Yesterday we had so much food!  I just had to take a picture of our turkey.  Look delicious?


I didn't take a picture of all the food...that would've been too too much.  But I did take another picture - of Grace's peach cobbler!  It sure was yummy!  But everything was.  I had no complaints.

 Now I am especially ready for Christmas.  Actually, we have started listening to Christmas music today.  What fun!  Now I need to get very busy and finish all my Christmas gifts I'm making.  Only 28 more days!  Christmas, here we come!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving, one they will never forget!  This was our first Thanksgiving in Barnesville, GA, and I know I will never forget it! 

Here are a couple pictures I have taken recently. Fall 09.

      Mommy's Little Eskimo

Fall Sisters!

Mom's Decoration. No, it isn't fake! These are real right off a tree!

Cousins! Both very sweet!

Yep, it's fall time!

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