Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just What My Big Idea Is...

Just so that there isn't anyone confused about my big idea...

My topic will be dealing with the issue of brothers and sisters.  You know, why we can't get along, what the Bible has to say about sibling relationships, what the answers are to problems in the home, how we can actually like our siblings, all the trouble little brothers and sisters cause...

Oops.  Okay, all the trouble that oldests can cause too.

I know that there is already a tremendous book out there on the market, but because we can't have too much material on the subject (especially from different perspectives, and I have a good one with seven siblings)—and there isn't much to choose from anyway—I have been urged and propelled forward by my parents with a "go ahead" sign.  Or rather, "go ahead" words.  Anyway, there you have it.  My big idea.  Pretty big indeed.  So far things are looking good, but how can I say that when I know how critical I am of my own writings?  Well, okay, going good in the aspect that at least I'm finding things to write about.

On a serious note, I have determined to make this journey (let's call it a quest) one that will transform my relationships with my siblings.  I'm tired of the sub-par standard of just trying to get along.  It isn't enough any more, and it hasn't satisfied through the years.  As I grow older I see the damage I have caused in the lives of my siblings, and I don't want to live with the regret that I didn't fix the problem when I had a chance.  What are oldest sisters for (or brothers for that matter)?  So this book is a really a test of myself: do I have enough courage and fortitude to admit when I'm wrong, correct my mistakes, and press on toward making my siblings my best friends—truly?  For I genuinely want to be their best friend, and they to be mine.  But there are many bitter roots to weed out first.  Mostly from the deeds that I have done, because, after all, I am the oldest siblings who is the example (once I hated my mom constantly telling me that I was the example to the rest of my siblings, but just as it can be used for bad, it can definitely be used for good).

Pray for me as I write.  Pray for me as I attempt and resolve and conquer the obstacles before me.  I want to be able to persevere at the end of this book and say with all honestly, "My siblings are my best friends."  Of course, I may have many good outside friends, but I want my siblings to be my best friends.  Forever and ever.  Just like Anne and Diana in Anne of Green Gables.  They were inseparable.  They did everything together.  They shared secrets, passions, pursuits, hopes, dreams, ideals, expectations and thoughts for the future, fears, likes and dislikes, and spent all of their time together, from when they were little girls until they grew up.  Though they had other friends, they were the best of bosom friends.  That is how I want my siblings and I to be.

Just a summary so you don't leave my blog with a perplexed look.  Then again, you still might.  At least I tried.


Ryan said...

Ah, I got you beat with 10 younger sibs lol. And they most definitely need a book on how to be better to me!

Actually they are more respectful and obedient to their older bro then any kids I have ever seen.

The book sounds fun, look forward to seeing how it works out for you. :)


Maddy said...

Dear Rachel,

May our Lord bless you and guide you on this journey. With four younger siblings (and one older), I would love to hear your journey, and the things you share in this book. It is a long and sometimes trying path, writing a book... but the Lord is leading you, and He will show you the way and make straight your path!

Blessings from a sister in Australia,


Joy said...

Dear Rachel,
I am wondering if I am bothering you with so many of my comments? I am so sorry about that... I just wanted to say that I am really glad you are going to write a book on this issue of brothers and sisters, and I am sure you have so much experience being the eldest of 8 kids! I truly believe that our brothers and sisters should be our best friends, and that it is important while we are still at home to cultivate a relationship with our siblings that will last throughout our entire life. I have to admit that all to frequently my sisters and I argue and bicker with one another and we seem to suddenly forget the command of Christ, "To love one another as I have loved you", even though we DO love each other so much. Yet those continual arguments and disunity is not the pattern that Christ gave us and does indeed create hurts in our siblings lives. May the Lord give us this grace to be the best friends of our brothers and sisters! Thank you so much for embarking on such a journey for Him!
Love your sister in Christ,
P.S. are you near the hurricanes affecting the eastern coast of America? I pray that the Lord will be with you.

Rachel said...

Thank you all for sharing! I'm certainly glad to hear encouragement from my readers. As anyone with siblings knows, it is a very difficult struggle, but I believe we can overcome it! I'll be sure to keep y'all updated...that is, if you don't get tired of me. =)

Actually, Joy, I love your comments! Keep them coming! It is good to hear what others have to say, even if sometimes one may not agree with exactly what I have to say. And as for hurricanes, no, thank God we are not experiencing that in my area.

In Christ!

Joy said...

Haha... we won't get tired of you, Rachel!

I thank God that you didn't have any hurricanes during this time in your area. Looking forward to hearing more about your great book!

P.S. I was wondering if you were able to access my blog? Have a blessed day!

Rachel said...

I'm glad of that. =)

Yes, I was able, and thanks for the invite!