Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seventeen and Counting...

There's something about growing older that gives one nostalgic feeling.  Rapidly approaching my seventeenth year, I'm finding this more and more to be true.  I spent my entire little girlhood wanting to be sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, and now that I'm what I used to want to be, I sometimes find myself wishing I had taken advantage of my little girl years.  Playing mommy with a baby doll just doesn't have the appeal it once did.

Three days until my seventeenth birthday.  Our school year has just ended and, thank heaven, I have basically finished my formal education, the academic part anyway.  Of course, the learning doesn't stop.  In the TV show Little House On The Prairie Laura asked Ma how long learning would take.  Ma wisely replied that all of life is learning, and it doesn't start or stop with going to or finishing school.  We learn all life long and never stop if we're wise.

I have mixed feelings about turning seventeen.  Given my little sister Clara's opinion, finishing school and being really close to eighteen equals marriage.  Where she gets that idea, I've no idea.  It's cute, though, the way she thinks once a girl hits the eighteen mark she should get married.  Does that mean that Mama was "underage" when she got married at seventeen?  A little girl's mind is funny sometimes.  But cute.  I ought to know—I was once one of them.

That's another thing about turning seventeen.  Mama got married in her seventeenth year, but I don't even have any prospects!  Is that a dismal outlook for a young woman or what?  I'll sheepishly admit that I recently watched a video of Joshua Harris talking about...gulp...contentment and waiting on God's timing.  Given the fact that I don't have any suitors lining up at my door (no, not even one suitor), I'd say I have another five or ten years at home, give or take (hopefully take).  Of course, that's just a guess.  I'd be more than pleasantly surprised if I'm proven wrong.  I'd better dig in for a long waiting period.  Or should I say preparing period? 
Not that I'm in a hurry to get married.  Sometimes I find myself actually not wanting to...just yet.  Well, it depends on my mood.  Getting on Facebook and seeing all the courtships and marriages, I'm more inclined to be a little bit capricious.

One more tactic complaint about turning seventeen. We were just told matter-of-factly that we have to move [again].  I've decided I don't like banks, even if they do keep people's money safe (personally, I believe even that is a myth).  An un-renewed lease is not fun, and sixty days is not long.  Please pray that God opens up a door that meets all of our needs.  Thankfully this move isn't going to affect us like other times because we will be in the same general vicinity.  Just in time for my birthday.  Just what every seventeen-year-old girl wants.  (That was said in sarcastic jest of course.)

This move is going to greatly affect my book writing mood.  What I had hoped would be six months of writing may turn into twelve.  Unless I can somehow fit my story's plot into packing.  Which I doubt.  I'll just have to put it on the back-burner for a while and trust God's timing.  Besides, this book is a fallback.  Priority comes first, no matter what I would rather be doing.

My posts will be few and sporadic, but I'll try to write occasionally.  Feel free to browse my blog, and maybe you'll find something interesting.  Okay, slim chance.

Adieu, my dear friends and blog readers! Until next time, God bless!


Amy W. said...

Love you, Rachel! <3

Rachel said...

And I you! You are so sweet, Amy!