Sunday, June 19, 2011

In My Daddy's Shadow

History tells many stories
Of great and noble men
Famous historians write the tale
With their rhetoric pen

But my tale is simple
Though the man is far above plain
He's the man in whose shadow
I have always lain

My daddy's shadow stretches big
The whole world it could fill
His character makes him taller
As it submits to God's will

I always feel like such a child
As I look up into his face
I'll never outgrow my girlish wonder
At his untiring, intrepid pace

His shadow ever envelops me
Security is in his arms
His family has always had protection—
Safe from life's alarms

Any tears I have to cry
He's always willing to comfort
His love is what sustains our life
And frees us from any hurt

Daddy's shadow equals refuge
I know for a fact it always will
His wise and righteous shoes
I could never attempt to fill

In my daddy's shadow I find peace
I'll never want for bread
I needn't fear the dark
When I'm safe in bed

Daddy's shadow is always near
He'll never leave or forsake
Because of his righteous zeal
Our home the wicked can't shake

We need not fear the world
When Daddy's shadow is near
God knew we would need a man
To protect us from our fear

I may be young and insignificant
But in my daddy's shadow I feel strong
I know without a doubt
He will guide me from all wrong


Kellie said...

THAT is beautiful.

Rachel said...

Thank you, Kellie!