Monday, April 18, 2011

An Ode of Tears

 In loving memory of my great-grandfather who passed away Saturday, April 16, 2011.  This poem is dedicated to James Brown Sr., son to the dearly departed, my daddy's dad, and my grandfather.

One last time to say goodbye
Kiss my cheek before I die
Do not let me see your tears
We've been through much through many years

Keep memories fresh in your beating heart
My son, I wish we could not part
Though I leave you soon to die
I'll still comfort your pain as you cry

I'm still your father wherever I go
My love to you you'll always know
Thank God for the years that we've had
The tears you've cried still make me sad

I'll still encourage you day by day
Remember my hands that I clasped to pray
Live your life to the fullest extent
Remember the time that together we spent

God as our King knows what is best
In His arms I go to rest
Remember the happiest times of life
Forget all the days of wrong, sin, and strife

Forgive me for what I might have done
I've always loved you, my dear, dear son
Think no more of past wrong—but right
Always follow the God of true light

I love you, my son—I can't say goodbye
Hold me close before death draws nigh
But thank God there's hope amongst my sin
Thank God I'm surrounded by kith and kin

My son, ne'er forget my love
God sees your sorrow even from above
Just one time let loose your tears
I'll comfort you once more as I did through the years

Goodbye, my son, for now I leave you
My broken body begins to feel new
I give you my blessing—I hope you live well
May God bless you wherever you dwell

I love you, my son

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