Friday, April 15, 2011

O Church of God

O Church of God, take rise
The world in trouble does sink
Though Christians some believe the lies
We shouldn't turn our heads and blink

O Church of God, be still
God on high will hear our call
Glory shines o'er the next hill
In Christ's arms we will fall

But wait, listen now
To God we first must turn
One day when every knee shall bow
Our punishment or reward we will learn

If we continue to shield sin
If we will not take our ground
America will let Satan in
And we will no longer hear God's sound

O Church of God, stand up tall
The battle is not yet done
Watch where we step or else we fall
The race is not yet run

O Church of God, shield your eyes
Immorality reeks through the street
Do not believe the devil's lies
Do not fall amidst the heat

O Church of God, let Christ in
Repent and confess His name
He is the only one to heal our sin
He is always forever the same

O Church of God, take heed
The battle will wage for many a year
Will we follow or will we lead
If only God's message we would hear!

Sin is knocking at the door
Do not open, God's one Church!
We have become a desperate whore
If only truth we would search

O Church of God, listen to God's voice
His anger is stirred anew
Right or wrong—we have the choice
Will we be many or all too few?

O Church of God, take heed
Throw away our sin
Take up arms and follow God's lead
Under Christ's banner we will win!

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