Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"TeaTime" ticks the clock
The little birdie tweets a tune
The linen is pressed, the dishes washed
Oh look! There's one dirty spoon

Dirty faces are washed
Little grubby hands are clean
TeaTime is here, so don't delay
Company has not yet been seen

The tea in the pot is simmering
The little cakes are newly made
The chinaware shines like gold
The napkins have been laid

A smile shines on our faces
To greet our friends so dear
Oh look, I see their carriage!
Now they're finally here

We all laugh and talk and sing
And sip our golden tea
These gay times we have- oh what fun!
I bounce the baby on my knee

Too soon they all must go
TeaTime has come to an end
We wave goodbye until next time
Thank God for the time we spend

The clock keeps on ticking
But TeaTime has gone
Dad will be home soon
Tomorrow's a new dawn

TeaTime, though past
Is a highlight of our day
Thank You, God, for life and love
Its beauty we'll always pay

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