Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let Me Hold Your Hand, Daddy

Let me hold Your hand, Daddy,
The road is long and hard;
My feet are sore, my hands are cold,
These feet can't go another yard.

My little-girl-legs are tired,
I can't go on much more;
Daddy, Your hand is stronger than mine,
I wish there was an easier door! 

Daddy, I'm scared of the dark,
I need Your light to see my path;
There are ravening wolves out to eat me,
Save me from their wrath!

Daddy, I need Your unfailing love,
I want to hear Your tender voice;
But Satan tempts me with a lie,
Oh help me make the right choice!

Tribulation works patience,
But mine is very thin;
This ice is cracking steadily,
I do not want death to win.

Let me hold Your hand, Daddy,
I see a bend in the road;
Whatever lies ahead of me,
I need You to ease my load.

Let me hold Your hand, Daddy,
The light finally draws near;
Your hand- so strong and warm
Makes me feel I"m dear.

Let me hold Your hand, Daddy,
You're the Rock I lean upon;
Though life may sometimes be difficult,
Your strength I must don.

Daddy, in Your hands I"m safe,
I need not fear a lie;
You'll watch over me always,
No more tears will I cry.

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