Thursday, October 7, 2010


Life is reality
Only stories are make-believe
Life isn't a fairytale
Though sometimes we're naive

Yes, love is grand
But distrust kills the heart
Love means to trust
So don't throw the dart

A smile that is radiant
Will cheer a gloomy soul
But a frown and a scoffer
Will dig a deeper hole

True beauty is rare
All seek fame
But God looks inside
He knows each individual name

A bird's glad song
Means Spring is on its way
But when the bird flies South
Winter takes over Day

God is very real
Only by faith we believe
Good works are not enough
His grace we shall receive

Only God is infinite
Man cannot comprehend
Mankind is only finite
God's love He will kindly lend

What God has given
Many may take a piece
But some secrets are hidden deep
Those He does not lease

Reality is sometimes harsh
But love covers all sin
Life is still precious
Though we cannot always win

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