Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Rambling

I love the sunshine.  There is nothing like a cool, spring day with the warm sun caressing your face.  Here it is in March already and I cannot tell you how much I long for beautiful, warm days.  I long for the fresh green grass, the budding trees, the blooming flowers, and all the vibrant colors.  How I love spring! (except for the seemingly endless spring rain...)  After the long and dreary winter, spring revives the heart to new horizons.  I am praying desperately that spring comes to stay.  I must say that I'm tired of cold and warm being combined.  I want SPRING!  I'm sure everyone else feels the same way.

I just realized that it has been three weeks since I've rambled. (not that y'all miss it, I'm sure.  Who wants to listen to my randomness anyway?)  Last week was Daddy's birthday, and the week before I was feeling just a wee bit lazy, so I skipped it. (GUILTY!  We all have our lazy days.)

As I was cogitating what to ramble about today (yes, I actually think about what to ramble), I was wondering if perhaps my rambling days are gimpy.  Am I too random?  Hmm.  Should I be more earnest?  Is it just plain rigmarole?  Any suggestions would be welcome. (that is, if anyone wishes to speak up.  Perhaps you are shy--like me!)

Hmm, me shy?  You might be surprised as you read what I write.  Yes, I can be terribly shy at times.  Mama said I was so shy as a little toddler that I would hide behind her skirts every time we went anyplace, and I would never talk to anyone, period.  I've grown out of that, thankfully.  Can you just imagine me hiding behind my mother's skirts, still?  How novel!  Although I may be loquacious in my writing, I can assure you I am not that way in day-to-day life.  Well not as much anyway.  Most of the time I blurt out insipid and incongruous things. (Who could have guessed, right?)  I am very incompetent.  My mind works better when I use a pencil, rather than my mouth.  When I speak, I grasp hopelessly for the appropriate words.  I wonder if I even make sense to those around me?

I must say, I envy those who are great orators.  They can capture the attention of crowds with their eloquent speeches.  Ha!  If I tried to do so, I would stutter around, blush beet red, stutter some more, then burst into tears!  I could never ever make speeches.  My pen will have to be my weapon.  For you orators ought there, keep blabbing your mouths. (is anybody even listening to them fancy speakers?)  Now, enough sarcasm. (I wasn't being cruel, I was trying to laugh my weakness off.  C'mon now, you didn't really think I was being mean?)

All these questions through my post, you really don't have to answer every single one, unless you really want to of course.  I'm afraid you would get pretty lost. (Do I just like leaving people hanging, or do I like talking to myself?  Myself: the only person who really listens to me.)  *sigh*

Do y'all like Mondays?  I really do hate Mondays.  The weekend is over, I feel discouraged (for-who-knows-what-reason), everything seems jumbled and gloomy, and I always feel like sleeping more than I should.  But those are selfish reasons.  I must remember my responsibility and duty.   We all must.  So, I'll put a smile on my face, a song on my lips, and cheer in my heart.

What shall I sing?...

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