Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Days till Due Date

Only two more days till Mom's due date! I am so excited! We had all hoped Liberty Joanne would be born by now, but apparently God is still holding off. It's all in God's hands but I'm still hoping and praying Mom will have the baby very soon.
When Mom was expecting Grace she had the same due date--only Grace came two weeks late. Hopefully that won't happen with Liberty--I don't think we could wait that long! That would still be 12 more days! But if it happened to be God's plan I think we could last that long. After all, we've come this far!
Being patient is so hard! I get so impatient some times, but maybe waiting on God's timing for the baby will help me learn a little bit.
Also, before Liberty comes I'm hoping we'll be over this cough that won't seem to go away. Right now Grace and I are the only ones who have it, but Kirstie seems like she might be coming down with it. We have no idea what it is. At first we thought all the coughing was from when Grace and I mow and we get all that dust all over us. That would be enough for anyone to start coughing! But with Kirstie coming down with it...who knows. All I'm hoping is that we're all better before the baby comes or we won't be able to go near her until we're all better. That wouldn't be very fun. Hopefully God will clear us up in time so the baby doesn't get sick!

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