Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wedding Bells Did Chime

Hello readers!

No, I'm not dead, and I didn't fall off the face of the earth. So many things have happened in the past seven months since July I don't even know where to begin. So I shall try to summarize.

Let me start here. The first week of July 2012 my family and I moved back to Indiana, through the grace of God, and with much help and support from family and friends. It was a long and hard, but fast-moving process. So there we were, trying to get settled in our new home and catching up with everyone we had left behind five-and-a-half years before, when I was approached one day with a question in a very romantic setting.

Dannie Allen Law. I had know him my entire life. He had always been a good friend, but I had never thought about him in any other way than precisely that. Moreover, I had always thought him immature and silly, nothing like the husband I thought I would one day have. My sisters would tease me mercilessly because he and I had practically grown up together, saying that we would one day get married. I vehemently denied it, saying he would be the last man on earth I ever considered.

Little did I know.

In October of 2011 my family and I went for a two week visit to Indiana. It was a fantastic time visiting with all our wonderful friends and family, before the decision to move had come into play. Surprisingly, even the very first time I saw Dannie after several years, he had changed so much. He had grown considerably into a very nice young man, he had a job and responsibility, and I couldn't help but notice how mature and kind he had become. Not to mention that he had suddenly went from an awkward schoolboy to handsome with dreamy brown eyes. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I noticed. He had always been a good friend, but suddenly I realized just how worthy of a man he was. And I began to hope and pray.

I never thought in a million years he would be thinking the same thing about me. Although we had so much fun together, all the while I was plagued by doubts, wondering where and why and how my feelings had changed. I began scribbling in a journal just to [try] to analyze my frantic emotions. I remember crying on several occasions in private when he and I were apart, but at the same time afraid to be around him. On the other hand, as soon as we would begin talking and laughing just like old times, the tension would flee.

There were times I had a slight inkling that he might feel the same way about me. Our eyes would catch at moments and his would hold mine, as my pulse would suddenly explode and my face turned beet red. I felt like a silly schoolgirl with a crush.

When we eventually left for the long journey home, I was the saddest I had ever been. Although I left with some hope in my heart, I also knew for a fact that Dannie didn't speak to Daddy on any matter of a familiar sort. To be blunt, I was terribly glum. However, the greatest hope, outside trusting in God, AND the fact that a few weeks later Dannie called Daddy for his permission to call me, Dannie and his family were to come for a visit in December right after Christmas, December 26 in fact.

December 26. The Law family arrived. First things were first, in Dannie's mind. As soon as he could, even before supper, he took Daddy aside. Meanwhile I knew they were talking alone in Daddy's office and I was more nervous and apprehensive than I had ever been. I hoped against hope that the subject of their conversation was the courtship I longed for.

Later, after supper (of which I could barely eat) Dannie approached me, asking to speak privately. So I took him to Daddy's office, the only empty room at that time. I clearly remember the hilarious part- because the door stood open, nameless members of both of our sibling sets tried to "eavesdrop," with little success. My knees shook the entire time, and I was so warm perspiration dripped down my back and legs.

After a few words of why and to what purpose and so forth, Dannie told me he already had Daddy's permission, and now asked to court me. If course I said yes! During the next seven months we would write letters, text, and he would call me every night he could. He also surprised me Valentine's Day for a whole week. So romantic.

Then we moved back to Indiana for good. Before that Daddy had made a quick trip when we were in the process of searching for a house, and while there Dannie approached him on another topic. Although things weren't entirely settled, the general idea was in play. Now all Dannie had to do was wait. And yes, that's the hardest part.

It was July 13, about ten days after we had moved. We were scheduled to go to the Law's for supper and fun. I had already seen Dannie a number of times, for we tried to spend as much time together, having gone so many months apart. That fabulous night, under a canopy in the heat of summer, he knelt upon one knee with the most dazzling ring I had ever seen, and telling me how much he loved me, asked me to be his wife.

Of course I said YES!

The rest, as they say, is history. Then began three months of engagement and wedding planning, spending a lot of time with my Sweetheart, bridal showers, decorating, rehearsal, the sad but happy final night with my dear family, the wedding day [October 20, 2012], and last of all, a beautiful honeymoon in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. For now, 'tis our story, and a few pictures to enjoy.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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